Saturday, December 27, 2014

January Goals

I swear, promising myself that THIS time I'm going to declutter and organize my home FOR REAL is like a chronic overeater promising themselves that THIS time they will STICK to their new diet....

Screw that noise.

I made up a list of goals for January that are real and meaningful and relevant and that I think I can do.

  1.  Game and time with family.
  2.  Watch and practice the tutorial videos for the Windows 8 operating system on my new two in one.
 Second, to keep doing (get back to doing) in January:
  1. Walk the dog once a day.
  2.  Morning devotions.
  3. One history lesson a day.
  4. Exercise at the Y twice a week.
  5. Four school subjects/ learning activities with Toa.

Third, to add to January:
  1. Buy a winter coat with pockets for carrying.
  2. Spend 30 to 60 minutes a day on the sewing project with Sweetling.
  3.  30 to 45 minutes literature/composition with Sweetling.
  4.  Make at least ONE trip to the range for practice.

No cute pictures. Just a bare bones, but doable, list.

I can get these things done if..
* I get up at 7, get dressed, reboot the dishes, fix my breakfast, and do devotions all by 8.
*Walk the dog from 8 to 8:30.
*Do literature with Sweetling till 9:15.
*History with both kids till 9:45/10.
*Two to three school subjects with Toa.
*Lunch at 12.
*Rest of Toa's school.
*Sewing with Sweetling by two.
*Start dinner and afternoon home rescue at 3:30.
*Leave for Y at 5.

The things I know are going to derail this plan:

--groceries. I can't ever contain the grocery shopping into a couple hours. Somehow this always consumes an entire day. I lose one day a week to grocery shopping. That's ridiculous. That needs to stop. So, grocery goals get their own sub category:
>menu and grocery list finished before bed Wednesday nights.
>leave for grocery store by 8:30. No excuses. 
>Kids can do history timeline and review lesson on Thursday on their own. We can roll into Toa's school when I get back, and pick up Sweetling's literature after Y.

--one morning spent at the range. This pushes everything after history back by a couple hours, and I don't have time to recover before swimming and Y activities. For one day though, we can skip a couple other things to make up for it.

--Wednesday child care at church. This is two Wednesdays a month. I gain an hour on Wednesday, because we don't have to leave for evening church activities till 6...but that still doesn't make up for the three hours I've given up in the morning. Hmmm....