Friday, October 27, 2006


I updated my user profile today. Updated meaning, I created my user profile today.

Xuans don't like boxes. Xuans don't do boxes well. Xuans dont like confining directions either. Computers are all about boxes and very limited directions. Xuans and computers don't get along well sometimes.

Blogspot won't let me write what *I* want to write in the boxes designed for favorite movies, music, and books. Blogspot wants a list. I don't want to make a list of names. Its not about the *names* of the movies, music, and books. Its about the meaning, the emotions, the relationships. Its about what they evoke in me.

Blogspot isn't interested in what they evoke.

But I have defeated Blogspot by placing them here instead.

Favorite Movies:
I love movies that make me laugh. I love movies that I can watch with my husband. I love movies that I can watch with my daughter. I like movies that I can watch with my friends.

Favorite Music:
Yes! Music! Music that sings and that I can sing with. Music that soars and I can float with. Music that flows and I can dance with.

Favorite Books:
Always books. Books that record the stories of others. Books that record the triumph of others. Books that record the love found by others.

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Impossible Mom said...

Yeah I love boxes, but thats me ;)