Tuesday, December 30, 2008

On the First Day of Christmas

....my true love gave to me.

If I were really clever, I'd try to follow up on that. Clever, or perhaps annoying, take your pick.

Here goes...

On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me....(and already this has become misrepresntational, since I'm making a list up about my family's Christmas and not about the gifts I personally received. Hey, this is my blog, and Sweetling isn't even here to try to keep me on task, so nyah and all.)

....a large tub of Heggy's hot fudge.

....two fuzzy webkinz, (two that I personally received, the kids got five more. Not five more each. Just five more in general.)

...three (and a half) hours at COSI (ok, maybe four, but I've already got something in the four slot, see?)

...four brand new Wii games (Mario Galaxy, Paper Mario, Wii Music, and Mario Smash Bros)

....five days in Canton (Tuesday the 23rd through Saturday the 27th)

....six Christmas dances (in our annual Christmas Reflections program. I'm not cool enough to know how to put any of them on YouTube, so don't ask.)

...seven long-time friends (whom we visited in Canton. Counting their children would make it 19, but that doesn't fit in the song now, does it?)

...eight loads of laundry (the last load is in the dryer now. How is it we can generate more laundry when we are gone for a week than when we are home for a week? That makes no earthly sense. Even Einstein himself would be baffled by this one. Oh, and I think the spin cycle on my washer is dying. It certainly isn't draining.)

...nine sets of jammies. (Sadly, none of them are for me. And two of them we still have to find. I spent hours, literally hours, getting run around at Walmart cause they *had* Mario jammies in a size for Toa of Boy, but not for Sweetling. The store that I was at called another store, who said they had them in the Sweetling's size and would hold them for me at the fitting rooms. I drove to that store, and guess what? No jammies in the fitting room. No jammies in her size on the rack. No jammies at the customer service desk, no jammies in the back. No jammies at the walmart down the street, so the call wasn't made to the wrong store. No jammies, no jammies, no jammies anywhere. In the meantime, we lost Toa of Boy's "Tigger" cat webkinz. I called all the Walmarts when we got home, but they couldn't find Tigger either.)

...ten bags for co-op. (We're beginning our research paper. I want them to do the actual research over Christmas break. Yes, I am that evil, thank you. But, I had a twinge of guilt, so I thought, I'll make them research goodie bags. And yes, I'm also that much of a dork. I put a candy cane pen, a happy holiday's pencil, a baggie of M&M cookies, a pouch of hot chocolate mix, and 50 colored index cards--ten in each of five colors--in each bag. They were happy with the bags, and surprisingly excited about doing a research paper.)

...eleven and 12 more cupcakes. (Yeah, I had nothing for this number. I did bake 23 cupcakes for the "Happy Birthday Jesus" party the pre-school and kindergarteners had a church. This is really only significant because Toa of Boy was doing a count down to this party all during December. He wasn't counting down to Christmas; he was counting down to this party.)

...twelve dozen and more cookies. (Really, I lost track of how many dozens upon dozens upon dozens upon dozens of cookies I made. More this year than any other year for sure. I put the cookies in this slot cause it was the biggest number in the song. Just so you know, I baked a lot of cookies.)


....many, many paid vacation days for the Jedi. He has been off every Friday since the Friday before Thanksgiving, plus from December 19th through Jan 4th. Hooray!


SmallWorld at Home said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! Nice to meet you!

SuzyScribbles said...

Yes, actually, I have missed you, and I didn't need your address because I have you in a FEATURED place called (creatively): "Links to Visit" and then "Sunny" so you are easy to jump to.

You can covet our snow as much as you like. The reason there are pictures of it is because it is so rare. RAIN is our winter wonderland, and not even FREEZING rain. Just plain rain. Did you see that we have made it on the ABC news nearly every day the past week? Yes, that's how rare this winter storm is out here in the soggy Seattle-area. The reason it's so much more dangerous for us is a combination of the hills in the city, the lack of snow removal equipment, and the STUPID drivers who don't know how to drive in anything but rain. I stay inside or walk...not because I couldn't maybe do it, but I sure don't trust any of the other drivers out there.

Very creative blog. how you have time to think up this stuff is beyond me. My goal today was: I really should blog. But I have nothing witty or clever or encouraging or uplifting to blog about. Right now I'm desperately trying to find a blogging friend who told me how she used to hunt rattlesnakes as a kid in Eastern WA. I'm using her story in a Unit Study guide for my next book (which just got accepted 3 days before Christmas...that was a gift, for sure). It's not you, is it? (When a person has SO many friends, they sort of all get mixed up in my bloggy file of friends). I think she lives in Virginia now. I'm SO mad at myself for not keeping her name attached to the story! Grrrrrrrrrr . . .

SuzyScribbles said...

Uh, honestly, I don't read half the blogs I should. Really. I am a total slacker! I feel terribly guilty when I get all these comments and I try to at least reciprocate, but my LIFE is SO crazy! I don't just go around and "hang out" on Bloggy Land like many do. I wish I had time to. There are some pretty funny things out there. But alas, I have a real life, not a virtual one. Right now one of my kids woke up with the flu. The FLU. How DARE he! I think he got it from the 2-year-old (my grandson across the street). My DD is now freaking out and told us we can't come to Kevan's 6th birthday party tomorrow night because I (and her dad) might be contagious. So now poor Kevan gets no relatives at his party (seeing that cousin Levi is sick too). What a way to leave the old year . . .