Monday, December 07, 2009

Monday Morning in December

Just a few observations:

--We're on a homeschooling snow delay. This means that although the weather in no way interfers with our schooling, the first dusting of snow is on the ground outside and it must be stomped in before it melts away for the day. There is nowhere near enough snow to make snowballs to throw, yet the children are out there giving that their best efforts. I'm watching through the kitchen window.

--Flatscreens, despite their slim appearance, are surprisingly heavy for their size.

--No, I didn't drop it.

--The actual computer box is even heavier. Plus, my computer box isn't a tower, it lays down. It lays down so flat that it was near impossible to try to wiggle my fingers under it to pick it up.

--Plastic tablecloths, no matter how bright and cheery, are not a good option to use under a computer. Computers get warm, you see, so even when you finally manage to get your fingers under the computer to pick it up, the plastic table cloth will have partially melted and become glued to the bottom of the computer, making it impossible to easily move from one spot on the table to another.

--After putting one edge of the computer down and tearing the tablecloth away from its bottom, you get to repeat the step before last.

--Not one, but two school buses have gone past with small children longily looking out of bus windows at my children happily playing in the snow.

--Through the kitchen window, I called yellow car on both the first school bus and the yellow salt truck. Sweetling may or may not have been amused, you never can tell with bees.

--I decided, much earlier this morning, that I never want to sit at my school computer to write or work, because I don't have any desk space to the left of my keyboard to put notebooks, snacks, grocery fliers, or other needed items. Now my computer, despite its bond with the tablecloth, sits happily in the middle of the table, leaving me a nice work space on the left to quickly clutter up.

--I think my computer might finally be close to recognizing my authority. When I put the flat screen back on top of the box, the flat screen was very politely displaying a window titled "Help and Support Center". I think it was the machine's deferential way of suggesting I might have sought some help in this tiny relocation project.

--Yes, I moved it when the computer was on. I don't know if that's good for the machine or not, so let's not tell the Jedi. But really, I didn't think it would be that big of a deal to just move the system 18 inches to the right.

--To demonstrate my new dominance over the computer, I uploaded some snow play photos from my camera. Take that technology.


--Lastly, a second cup of hot chocolate is 150 calories. According to CalorieCount, if I weighed 150 lbs, which I don't, I could burn off those calories by vacuuming for 40 minutes. Hmmm... so...if I vacuum my house and switch my loads of laundry, I can totally justify a second cup of hot chocolate? I love the internet.

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Nora MacFarlane said...

I come to your blog when I need a good laugh. It always works!