Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Coming Soon....

These are the things I'm thinking about blogging about. Yes, that's how lame this post is. It isn't about anything in and of itself, its just about something that might be about something at some point in the future.

First of all though, a little girl whom has been on the hearts of my family and in our prayers just received a new heart last night. They did the transplant overnight. I can't imagine what a long night that must have been for the mother. The little girl went through the proceedure well, and is now in recovery. I can't write about anything else without getting that news out first. It will still be several weeks before they are sure that her body will accept the new heart.

With that said, I shall move on to far less critical issues.

Here are somethings I'd like to blog about. I'm just listing them out here, and organizing my thoughts

--I'd like to start a Making Memories blog meme for the summer. If I get my act in gear, I can launch it in the upcoming Homeschool Showcase over on Wierd, Unsocialized Homeschoolers. The deadline is May 30. (Hear that, self? Deadline.)

--I have a bunch of pictures of a pinata in various stages of completion awaiting a "how to make a pinata" post.

--I am perhaps crazy for the amount of work I put into the birthday parties for my kids, especially since I have two birthdays back to back. Further thoughts may or may not be forthcoming.

--I have an idea for how to regulate the amount of video games and screentime my kids engage in over the summer. Will it work? Who knows. Its another one of my brilliant ideas. Either it'll be a smashing success or a crash and burn failure. I never seem to have mediocre ideas.

--I have my own take on the Proverbs 31 woman, specially rewritten for a homeschooling mom. Or at least or me.

That's just five things. Not bad. Typity type. Typity type.

Ah, look, here's a Linky test. Could some kind soul help me test by posting a link to any family friendly blog post?

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Holly@aiminghigh said...

I posted a link to my real life friend, Keri's, blog. Hope that the link test works for you and that checking out Keri's blog is a blessing for you.
Many Blessings,