Sunday, April 03, 2011

Cincinnati Dayscapes: Cleopatra Exhibit

On Saturday, I picked up Vaya, and after a lunch at Red Robin (including a tower of onion rings, yum yum), we headed down to the Cincinnati Museum Center.

Vaya has been in love with Egypt for a long time. So, I just felt I had to take her to the Cleopatra Exhibit the museum center is currently hosting.

Though the ticket prices were a bit steeper than I anticipated, it was an amazing exhibit and well worth it.

Walking through the exhibit was an experience, not just a stroll past a few display cases. Everything from the lighting to physical layout to very focused audio hot spots to hand held audio guides were well thought out and worked together to create a harmonious whole. Crowd sized was controlled though limited ticket sales to enter the exhibit at specific time slots. I felt like I was walking though the exhibit alone, with an occasional whispered comment between Vaya and myself.

The artifacts were both beautiful and impressive. Really, the entire exhibit flowed like an art form in and of itself. We spent about an hour and forty minutes walking through the exhibit, but were completely unaware of the passage of time.

It was not an exhibit that would be engaging for young children. Toa of Boy asked if I would take him, after I came home and was raving about it to Mama. I said no, he wouldn't like it.

But for youth and for adults, the Cleopatra Exhibit will beat hands down any summer movie. Take that entertainment money, and instead go see something that will truly leave you in wonder.

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Chef Penny said...

I am so jealous! We love ancient Egypt and would kill to see that exhibit.