Saturday, November 26, 2011

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Help, Help, A Horrible Heffalump!

I got a facebook message from a friend the other day. Here's what it said:

I don't know how to fix it, but your blog is spamming my blog with links to your blog. I've deleted quite a few links, but still have about 40 to go! I think the problem is on your end, but I don't know what to tell you about how to fix it. I'm going to see what I can find out.

The joys of technology!
Really? Really?

First, let me say....if my blog has spammed anyone else's blog, you have my sincerest apologies. I promise, it was absolutely without my permission, intention, provocation, knowledge, awareness, etc.

It was, in fact, one more strike in the great computers and electronic conspiracy.

Second, I have gone over all my settings. I hadn't changed anything in the past few months, but I double checked everything anyway. I've poured through the blogger help forums. But I have NO IDEA why my blog would do such a thing or how to fix it.

My best game plan is to hope that it stops itself as mysteriously as it started.

Third, if it's still happening to anyone, please let me know. If the problem hasn't resolved itself, I'll write about it directly to blogger help. I'm sort of saving that as a last resort, because I don't want my blog to get flagged as a spam blog. Or deleted.

But, I also don't want it spamming other blogs for no good reason.

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Tina Hollenbeck said...

No spamming from you here...and I'll pray it resolves itself soon!