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Homeschool Convention: Friday Options

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*my favorites of the options, the one or two I've narrowed my selection to. I'm bolding my final choices.

Friday 8:30-9:30

>>>(Parenting) The Secret to Successful Discipline pg 23
Correcting misbehavior a nd establishing a preventive "misbehavior firewall" does not have to be difficult or drawn out. Nor does it require complicated methods of delivering consequences. In fact, behavior modification doesn't work on human beings. Come find out from John the simple principles behind effective discipline, principles your great-grandmother could have taught you.

In this session we will explore the most recent scientific data in cosmology, physics, biochemistry, and biology that point toward an Intelligent Designer. David was right that the heavens give us knowledge about God (Ps 19:1-2). Those who open their minds to the possibility of an
explanation beyond the natural world will find the design hypothesis best accounts for the scientific evidence. This talk is based upon Sean’s book Understanding Intelligent Design (co-written with William A. Dembski)

(General) 12 Genius Qualities to Encourage in Your Children pg 24
Are you one of those asking where today’s Edisons and Einsteins are? Have you been curious about what geniuses have in common and how we might recognize the qualities in our children? Tom Armstrong’s research resulted in an encouraging list of twelve basic qualities of genius (e.g., curiosity, playfulness, imagination). We’ll examine the list (you’ll probably be surprised), define the qualities, and consider how we can encourage these qualities in our children

(Sweetling) Dark Matter, String Theory, Big Bangs, and Quantum Mechanics p24
Science, many believe, portrays matter moving in spiritual ballet with tender, mystical qualities like energy. Life flows from, and through, and to cosmic ripples of organic energy and quantum fields of green upon which we gaze. Is this so? Are we just energy in organized motion? And is the universe just one of many parallel universes? Is existence itself only the vibrations of multidimensional  quantum strings? How can nothing go ‘bang’? In this lecture, Dr. James Wanliss, university professor and space physicist, explores several of the strangest theories found in physics. He will
examine the implications of some of the more recent theories, showing how biblical principles can be used to learn the difference between theories that are potentially useful from those that are vain philosophy and science falsely so-called (1 Tim. 6:20).

*(Sweetling) The Eternal Argument Applied p28
Now that you know what the Eternal Argument is, it’s time to use it! During this workshop we’ll use three books (To Kill a Mockingbird, Lord of the Flies, and The Hunger Games) and study them through the lens of Robin’s framework. Many are scared or reluctant to attack these books, but the
framework gives teachers a way to do it without compromising their family ‘s values. We’ll discuss HOW to teach a book! You’ll come away with a complete understanding of how the Eternal Argument works and how to make your literature study at home or in class more meaningful!

(Sweetling) The Homeschooling Edge: A Professor’s View on College Prep p29
Description of Session: Do homeschoolers have advantages at college? As a professor, Dr. Reynolds came to realize that homeschooled students were likely to be at the top of their classes. But why?
Dr. Reynolds will share her observations and experience, and discuss ways your children can arrive in college with the “homeschool edge.

(Sweetling) Come and Listen, if You Dare! Etiquette for Teens p30
Why do you need to know etiquette to succeed? Do you want to find a Wife??? Or a Job??? Proper Etiquette could very well change your life! Etiquette is so much more than which fork to use? It affects every single aspect of your life. Did you know that proper etiquette and being well educated are in direct proportion to each other? How comfortable would you be in a room full of Senators, a room full of Doctors...wait what about a room full of girls? Have you ever gotten that “sick” feeling in your belly when you feel a little unsure of yourself, or uncomfortable in a certain situation. When you master “social etiquette”, you won’t have to fear unfamiliar situations anymore. You can go anywhere, be with anyone and be perfectly comfortable, confident and at peace. Come on, listen and learn. You’ll thank me later.

Friday 10-11 AM

>>>lunch/vendor hall

(Teen Track) Marriage Matters: How to Defend Marriage in Today’s Hostile Climate p31
The truth is, marriage was redefined decades ago in our country, and that has created a climate in which it is more difficult than ever to stand against perversions like so-called "same sex" marriage. Christians need to know more than what they are against when it comes to marriage. They need to
know what they are for. This session presents why God's plan for marriage makes so much sense in the real world.

(Sweetling) NEW! Throwing Light on the Dark Side: Good vs. Evil in Contemporary Youth Literature p31
Storyteller/Author/Recording Artist, Jim Weiss explores the current fascination with the Dark side in the Narnia, Harry Potter, Twilight Series, etc.; provides perspective using historical precedents from the Bible and classic literature; explains why we find villains so fascinating; and offers ways to use
moral conflicts in literature and films to guide our children in their real life ethical decisions. (For teens and adults.

(Toa) How to Identify those Rocks your Kids are Bringing Home p32
“Help! My kids are bringing home tons of rocks. What do I do with them? How do I help them to identify what they have found so I can stop the clutter?” That is exactly what this seminar will do! We will cover the basics of rock collecting and identification. You will learn some easy and
straightforward steps to identifying rocks and minerals. You may even find yourself really getting into this wonderful hobby.

(S and E) The Writing Toolbox: How to Imagine, Organize, Write, and Evaluate Great Essays p32
Essay writing is more than just an academic exercise. A well-designed writing cycle encourages creativity, teaches orderly patterns of thought, and helps students master the mechanics of formal writing. Join us to learn how you can use each step of the writing process to build strong students.
(Middle-High School)

*(Me) 21 Days to a More Disciplined Life p33
Do you have ideas, hopes, and dreams for what you want to accomplish in your life, but you feel like you’re being held back by a lack of personal discipline? Are you easily overwhelmed by your big ideas or projects, and you just don’t know where to start and how to make real progress? Do you
find yourself making “all-or-nothing” plans for transforming your life, and then three days later you crash and burn under the weight of your plan? In this workshop, popular blogger, bestselling author, and homeschool mom, Crystal Paine, will give you the tools and practical steps you need to begin
transforming your life from the inside out so that you can find calm instead of chaos, order instead of being constantly overwhelmed, and peace instead of persistently feeling like pulling your hair out!

(Sweetling) Learn the Greek Alphabet in an Hour p34
Latin and Greek are valuable additions to any student’s academic program, but Latin is far more popular. One reason is that Greek uses a different alphabet. But the Greek alphabet is the basis of the Latin, and learning it is not as hard as you might think. Regan Barr gives you a quick phonetic
introduction to the Greek alphabet, teaching the letters in groups that make logical sense. This highly interactive workshop has frequent “pop quizzes” for the audience, and helps you determine if perhaps you might like to learn Ancient Greek.

*(S and E) Three Keys to a Great Art Education (all grade levels) p35
Discover the simple keys to unlocking your child’s God-given talents in the visual arts. All children can excel in the visual arts with encouragement and teaching methods that address both the expressive and technical aspects of art. Learn how you can give your child a great art education at
home by focusing on awareness, creativity, and well timed instruction in the basic principles of art!

(Me/General) Research That Will Change the Way You Teach p35
What makes some teachers so much more effective than others? How much of it is personality and how much is a matter of skills anyone can learn? Kristen and her husband have designed this workshop to share some of the most compelling research on effective teaching. Practical and
encouraging, come expecting to change the way you teach.

(Sweetling)  How to Write Apologetics Fiction p37
In this session, author Keith A. Robinson outlines his approach to writing this new genre of fiction that weaves apologetics arguments into action/adventure stories. This workshop is a MUST for anyone interested in becoming an author or interested in learning how to repackage apologetics arguments to reach a larger audience

Friday 11:30-12:30

***(Sweetling) The Best Kept Secret to Free College: The PSAT p42
Imagine throwing away seven trash bags full of college offers! It happened to my family and it could happen to yours. How? The PSAT. Contrary to popular belief, “P” does not stand for practice. In reality the PSAT is a scholarship qualifying test, and it can write you a ticket to just about any
college. Discover the 3 little-known secrets about the PSAT and 11 steps to success! Learn how to get colleges begging you to enroll and pick up the tab at the same time.

(Teen Track) The Case for Life: Equipping Christians to engage the Culture p39
How can Christians bring moral clarity to issues like abortion and embryonic stem cell research? How can they use science and philosophy to present a gracious and persuasive case for the pro-life view? Scott uses humor and hard-hitting logic to argue for the truth of the pro-life view and
suggests three key questions that must be answered by biblically-informed Christians on the single greatest moral issue of our day

(General) Study Like a Genius: Unlocking Your Brain p41
All learning is founded on one key—the ability to take in information and then remember it. Most people are never taught how to effectively learn. Each school year, students spend countless hours studying, only to have the information seemingly disappear when they need it most. Whether a
parent or student, in this interactive and practical session, you will learn how to use study tools such as speed reading and memory techniques which will radically change the way you learn. We promise you’ll think differently.

(S and E) Asking the Right Questions–Teaching Literature with Socratic Discussion p41
Adam shows aspiring classroom leaders five ways to lead students naturally and effortlessly into quality discussions of any book. He demonstrates each of these techniques through live discussion of a beloved American classic, and teaches audience members how to try them at home immediately.

(Sweetling) How You (or Your Child) Can Be a Published Author p44
It is easier than ever to become a publisher author. If you have something to say, write it down and tell the world. Author,Carol Topp will show you how to do it quickly and inexpensively. As the author of Business Tips and Taxes for Writers, and other titles, Carol will explain the process to
become a published author. Co-presenter, Rachel Coker, will discuss how she became the youngest author published by Zondervan.

Friday 1-2:00 PM

>>>(Parenting) 10 Ways to Stop Defiance, Disrespect & Meltdowns p47
Nothing is more frustrating and embarrassing than a child being defiant or melting down in public. H
ave a little one who looks right through you and says, “No!”? Have a teenager who defies you or rolls his eyes? Have a child who refuses to go places? Kirk will show you how to stop a meltdown in
public without losing it yourself! You will learn how to turn emotional power struggles into opportunities to build trust and teach self-discipline. You will be blown away by how practical these strategies are
(Teen Track) Defending the Unborn p46
Abortion is one of the most hotly debated topics in America. This lecture explores how science, philosophy, and theology all support the value of the unborn from the moment of conception. We will
explore how to respond to the most common objections to pro-life.

*(S and E) History via the Scenic Route p50
Are you tired of force feeding history to your children? Does history make them yawn? Or, do you have one of those hungry-for-history type students that would devour far more than you could ever dream up to provide? Diana Waring will take you on an extraordinary learning adventure as she
shares with you how to make the facts come alive and the learning go deeper! Join Diana for her "sit-
on-the-edge-of-your-chair-insuspense" history approach, using literature, music, art, science, cooking, and more, that has captivated homeschoolers across five nations.

Friday 2:30-3:30

>>>(General) Don’t Just Read God’s Word Together, Devour It as A Family! True Family Discipleship Every Family Can Do In 20 Minutes/Day p56
Cultivating a Bible study and prayer habit that involves and transforms your whole family may be simpler than you think. How can you, as parents, lead your own children regularly into in-depth Bible study, Scripture memorization and prayer and find fun ways to share how God is applying truth in
your lives? The National Bible Bee will share how just 2 cards per week and 20 minutes a day can begin to fulfill your desire to grow your family in God’s Truth.

(Teen Track) Call for Courage:Why this Virtue Will Make All the Difference in this Generation p54
This session will explore what worldview tests can't measure: it's one thing to know truth; it's another to live truth. Our students live in a culture which faces a crisis of ethics. How can we raise a generation that will do the right thing when they are encouraged everywhere to compromise and live for instant gratification?

(Sweetling) Creating Android Applications for Teens p57
Has your “techie” teen asked about writing smart-phone applications or other computer programs? How can they learn about these cutting-edge technologies when Mom and Dad are still trying to figure out the TV remotes? There is hope! Computer programming topics can be self-taught with
the right materials. Join Chris Yust for a live demonstration and discussion about the tools and technologies needed to write your very own Android smart-phone applications. Students will get a first-hand look at a Java development environment and walk-through of the Android development
process. Chris will also briefly introduce the latest KidCoder and TeenCoder computer programming courses. Give your student a chance to e mbrace Computer Science as a hobby or career

(Toa?) Getting Kids Fired Up About Words---Discover Morphology p57
Did you know that English spelling reflects both sound and meaning?
Mastering a language as large as English requires understanding how words are formed. Learning the meanings of roots, prefixes, and suffixes will transform vocabulary development, spelling, and  reading. Participants will not only discover how English words are built, but practical ideas for
integrating this information into their homeschools. While taking a new look at the structure of words, we will play games, demonstrate how to introduce words found in history, math, and science, and discover how fun learning vocabulary can be. You will leave this workshop inspired and hungry for more. Each participant will receive a detailed handout that can be used with students of all ages.

(General) Training Young (and old!) Brains to Retain–Learning that Lasts p58
Throughout American history, sixteen year olds successfully taught multiple grades multiple subjects.
So why do we struggle at home with three students?

(S and E) Writers Have Audiences: How to Move Tweens and Teens from Social Media Posts to Essays p61
College professors agree: Incoming freshmen do not understand that written communications have audiences. Today’s students write in short bursts on sites such as Facebook, and they do not know basic persuasive and expository skills. In one short hour, Sharon Watson shares practical
writing activities and assignments that truly will enlighten your students and improve their writing abilities. You can use these proven activities at home next week

Friday 4-5 pm

 >>>(Parenting) "The Talk": Preparing Students for a Culture of Sexual Brokenness p62
Our culture leads students into sexual brokenness in so many ways. How can we help students understand God's design for their sexuality? Often, despite our best intentions we create a sense of fear or false promises that will challenge their chastity later on. In this talk, which is for adults only,
John will offer insight on how to, and how not to, talk about this difficult topic with students.

(Teen Track)Five Bad Ways to Argue About Abortion p61
Pro-life advocates present compelling arguments for their position based on science and philosophy. Nevertheless, many critics ignore the scientific and philosophic case that pro-life advocates present and argue for abortion based on self-interest. That is the lazy way out. If we care about truth, we
will courageously follow the facts wherever they lead. Here are five common mistakes people make arguing for abortion and how you can refute them.

(Sweetling?)The Princess Within: Teaching Your Daughters How to Live Like a Princess from the Inside Out p64
Amber Gallagher will use her Bible study/purity retreat curriculum, The Princess Within: Living Like a Princess from the Inside Out to show you how to inspire a young lady to want the true beauty of a
good heart as opposed to the shallow representation of beauty the world promotes. Amber will cover topics such as The Great Legacy Love Affair, The Qualities of a True Princess, What to look for in a Prince, The Purity of a Princess and Building a Castle of Dreams.

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(Sweetling) How to Ace the SAT p67
Test-prep Guru Jean Burk will share her secrets of SAT success that have helped hundreds of students raise their test scores as much as 600 points! Learn how to find shortcuts in test patterns and save time on all types of questions. Math, Writing, and Verbal sections are all covered in this once-in-a-
lifetime opportunity. If you have kids in high school, you can’t miss this seminar about preparing them for the SAT!

Friday 5:30-6:30

>>>(Sweetling) Transcripts Made Easy: The High School Transcript as a Marketing Tool p68
A high school transcript may be the most important piece of paper created during your student’s homeschool experience. More than just a list of what your student studied or an outline of the grades received, it’s like a résumé — a marketing tool that should highlight your student’s strengths and
skills. Join us to learn how to select the best format, effectively name classes, decide on weighted grades, and present information in a clean, professional style that is easily comparable to others. You’ll might find yourself getting fan mail from college admissions counselors who appreciate
your work!

(Teen Track) The New Spirituality:Engaging with New Age, Eastern Religions,& Neo-Paganism p68
Spirituality is "in," but today's spirituality is a buffet approach to various ideas that are rooted in ancient Eastern religions that have been "westernized" by celebrities and bad books. This seminar presents how to recognize and respond to this worldview.

(S and E) Cat and Dog Theology (A Bible Curriculum for 7-12th Graders) p69
One simple joke can change your child’s life. Here’s the joke: “A Dog says, ‘You pet me, you feed me, you shelter me, you love me, you must be God.’ A Cat says, ‘You pet me, you feed me, you shelter me, you love me, I must be God.’” That joke represents much of Christianity around the
world today. Without realizing it, many believers think God lives for us—and it’s killing our Christianity.
The “Cat and Dog Theology” message has been changing adult and children’s lives for years. It is currently being taught in the underground church in China as well as in Indonesia, Taiwan, the Filipino diaspora, Southern Africa, South America and Russia (just to name a few)! Now this life-
changing material is available for the first time in a homeschool curriculum!
Check out what this 30-week Bible curriculum (for 7 -12th graders) can do for you and your child!

(General) The 3Rs & Beyond-Discover a Homeschool Approach that's Effective for Your Family p70
What exactly do you want your kids to learn? With a myriad of teaching styles and curriculum options available to you, it's helpful to take a step back and think through the building blocks of a quality education. Sarita guides you to think through the basics and beyond to help you determine how to shape your homeschool with your ultimate goals in mind.

(Sweetling) 5 Online Careers for You and Your Children p71
The Information Age is changing everything, including education. In this session, home school veteran Rhea Perry explains 5 online careers anyone can learn with their children to operate a successful business from home and build true financial freedom.

Friday 7-8 PM

>>>(Sweetling) What Colleges Don’t Tell You: 4 Secrets to Save Time and Money p74
What does a student need to be successful today? For many families, answering the college question is a difficult task. Often the overall cost, time required, inefficiencies, and negative college environment are too great an obstacle. In this session, we lay out four proven tips to avoid the traps that prey on most traditional students. These tips can be used immediately to begin saving money and time on college and, most importantly, give your student a huge head-start on the competition. Is it possible to get a college degree without debt? Or to own a home debt free by age 25? We’ll show
you how to do both by revealing the secrets colleges won’t tell you.

(Sweetling) Literary Keys–Unlocking the Meaning of Classic Books p74
Come listen to the story of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and his famous poem Paul Revere’s Ride. In the process, you will discover the surprising power of two literary elements –setting and context–
to deepen your understanding of classic books. Based on the idea that every book is product of a certain time and place, Adam shows how to use these details as keys for unlocking the meaning and significance of any work of literature. Even if you’ve read the poem a thousand times, you might come away with a new perspective –and new vision for your work as a teacher.

(Me) I  Quit! p75
"I Quit," you've decided. You can't quite discern whether God wants you to homeschool or not.
Maybe you're burned out, fed up, feeling inadequate, or just plain tired of it all. But, whatever the reason for quitting, deep in your heart, you're still wondering, "Maybe I should stick with it."
In this workshop Susan Kemmerer, a homeschool mom of 20+ years, looks at five reasons why moms quit homeschooling, as well as some solutions to those things that rob you of your joy and motivation to homeschool. If you’re looking for reasons to continue when you’ve got nothing left to give, then this workshop is for you.

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