Friday, November 14, 2014

Growing Pains

This conversation happened in our house around midnight last night. I was on my way down the hall to the bathroom. Toa of Boy was coming out of the bathroom, and Sweetling just happened to be coming out of her bedroom.

Toa: Do I have to go to bed?

Me: Yes. Goodnight. (I proceeded into the bathroom.)

Toa: Why does Sweetling not have to go to bed.

Me: (shut the bathroom door. I hear the rest of the conversation continue on without me.)

Toa (to Sweetling): Why do you not have to go to bed?

Sweelting: Because I'm practically an adult.

Toa: I can't wait till I'm practically an adult.

Sweetling: Well, it's a little be scary to think about being completely an adult.

Toa: You can do it Sweetling. Mommy's an adult. And she manages every day.

Sweetling: I'm not sure that counts.....her being *her* and all.

Toa: All teenagers say that about their parents.

Sweetling: No, some teenagers say stuff about their parents because they don't like their parents. I'm just saying, Mommy is more like a fairy princess or something.

Me: With unicorn slippers!!!

Sweetling: Yes. Just like that.

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