Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Add Image

There's an amazing button called 'add image' right her in my 'create post' window for my blog.

I'm happy about this, cause this means I can share my art that smurf sent me. She says she won, but who has art anyway, hmmmm? I set it to my wallpaper. I can't decide if its cheerful or disturbing.

I'd share it with you, but apparantly even the cool 'add image' button isn't enough to overcome my total lack of computer skills. The darn thing keeps timing out trying to upload my image.

I'm posting this anyway, cause Bear is snickering at me.

Apparantly, huge images don't upload well. You can do this cool thing called resizing. So sayeth the Smurf.


Impossible Mom said...

*shakes her head* Your so computer unsavvy. If you stick around a bit after getting sweetness, I'll try and help.

Chocolateer said...

Nerd, not geek. Big difference. And, the computers are out to get me. Mostly, the computers are out to get me.