Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The dishwasher is half empty

The dishwasher is half empty. The bathroom is clean. The living room is straightened. The kitchen floor is swept and mopped. The laundry needs transferred. The Sweetling is very sick and is currently sleeping. The school room needs tidied. The rec room needs decluttered. Phone calls need made. The next book in the series I'm reading is at the library, but I can't go get it. There are leaves and vines penciled on my kithen walls, but I haven't worked up the courage to paint them. I have no sugar to make hot chocolate. I don't really feel like napping. The Jedi made dinner last night so I could nap yesterday afternoon. There are two boxes of Buffy and Angel calling to me. I have many things I need to write about, and nothing to say about them.

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Impossible Mom said...

Doesn't pay to push it. I've been there and done that...*hugs*