Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Force is Not with Me

We were over at Mango's the other day (where Little Guy and Dash had a great time playing together....and Sweetling and Violet disappeared into Violet's room for a few hours). At lunch, Mango asked Sweetling if everyone in our family was a jedi. Sweetling said, everyone but Mommy....because the Force is not always with Mommy.

I'm taking a break in reading the Anne of Green Gables series. I got up to the eigth book...Rilla of Ingleside, and I know that WWI is going to break upon the idyllic lifes of the Blythe family. I'm not quite ready to face that, so a short break from the books is in order.

Transitions here have been going really well for Sweetling and Little Guy. Little Guy is a bit more in need of near constant attention and interaction than I'm used to. He just loves to share the wonderful things in his life with his Mommy and Daddy.

Sweetling wants to have a Fourth of July party. She had summer Sunset Camp every evening last week, and I think that was really good for her.

Little Guy went to the Newport Aquarium a couple of weeks ago. He liked it, but was a bit overwhelmed by the length of the outing. (Sweetling, of course, had to read and digest every informational sign in the building). We all got to touch sharks! *That* was totally cool.

As you can tell, I'm not in a very, um, yeah...I'm struggling with writing today. But its been forever since I updated, so I'm pushing through my block.

Little Guy brought a stuffed octopus home from the aquarium. He pronounces "octopus" in something that sounds closer to "apple toes". Its very cute. He also has a super sling shot monky with elastic arms that can be stretched and sent flying across the room, howling its jungle monkey war cry as it goes. Daddy brought that lovely gift home for him. Daddy also ordered one for himself to "dispense monkey justice" upon the occupants of neighboring cubicles at work. Sweetling got an elastic frog of the same design. Fortunately, it's ribbet isn't nearly as loud or annoying as the monkey war cry. Super Monkey lives in a bug box, suspended by its handle from a hook in the wall. The box is now Super Monkey's treehouse.

We're down to one car for a week. Now, I didn't have any plans or desire to go somewhere today, but the very fact that I can't makes me feel restless, coped up, and bored. Its too hot and humid to go on a walk. At best I'll send to little children through the sprinkler in the back yard.

The 30 minute PBS program has come to an end. Maybe I'll just chase the children around the yard with a garden hose. Till later.


The Maven said...

Oh! You're reading Anne of Green Gables! An American after my own heart, you are!

I'm thrilled to let you know that I have been to Green Gables on more than one occasion during my trips to PEI. My grandparents had a farm there, which, as an AOGG fan, was beyond cool. I used to wear dresses like hers and wish I had red in my hair. Blond braids just didn't cut it.

Little Guy sounds like he'd get along swimmingly with my boys. I love how he wants to share everything with you. Too cute!

Keep updating. I'm trying to rejuvenate my blog and read my friends' ones more often, too. I'll bug you if you bug me :P

Vaya The Elf said...

I want to go to the Aquarium with you. *sniffs*

lushgurl said...

Hey Chocolateer, I haven't been here for quite a while...I missed you! So you have renamed Energy to Little Guy! The family seems just as happy as can be, and I am happy for you!
When AAngel was little, she used to 'undress' each one of her peas individually so that she could just eat the soft middle part, dinner was always a very long ordeal! Oh, and the chicken couldn't touch the rice, which couldn't touch the peas, which couldn't touch the chicken... She still eats like this!
Drop by to say "hi" sometime, and sigbn my guestbook if you like!