Monday, June 04, 2007

Finding Nemo

My good friend wrote this in her blog. I read it and cried, so I'm sharing it here:

"Finding Nemo"
Once upon a time, there was a the sweetest, cutest little fishie named Nemo. Nemo had a problem: he needed a family. Nemo lived in a school of fish where there were some very nice grownups who took care of him, but sometimes late at night, Nemo would lie in his little bed and wish that he could have a mommy and a daddy all his own. Beyond that, though, Nemo had a secret wish... that when he got his family, it woul dbe a family that had a sister just for him. Nemo had always wanted a big sister to love him and take care of him, who would play with him and smile at him and make him giggle.

One day, the grownup fishies who took care of Nemo gave him a picture of a family. They said, "Nemo, this is a picture of the family who is coming to get you. They are going to be your very own family, but you will have to wait a while to see them." Nemo looked at the picture. There was a beautiful mommy with lovely, long hair , big brown kind eyes full of love, and a kind smile. There was a daddy who looked like he would take very good care of Nemo no matter what. Nemo liked the tiny hint of mischief in his eyes, thinking that he would be a lot of fun to play with! And..... best of all, there was... a LITTLE GIRL! A SISTER! She looked just like Nemo had dreamed her. She had big, beautiful eyes and a great big smile. She looked ready to play! Nemo loved them right away. He wouldn't wait to see them, for them to be his.... but how long would he have to wait?

Oh, for two year old Nemo, it seemed like forever! Then one day, Nemo turned three. And then another year, and it was close to Nemo's fourth birthday. Still he dreamed about them and wondered, would they ever come?

Meanwhile, across the world, the family in the picture was longing for Nemo! They had many pictures of him, even a couple video clips of him playing. They had been waiting to be able to get him so long. every day, his mommy and daddy and his big sister prayed for Nemo, that he would be safe and healthy, and that they would be able to go to get him soon. But, sometimes deep down, they wondered if the day would ever come when they would be allowed to travel to find Nemo and bring him home.

Just a couple weeks before Nemo's fourth birthday, the news came to Mommy and Daddy: They would be able to go get Nemo soon! They flew into action, and travel was set up for just after Nemo's birthday! All of their friends and family got so excited, that they decided to have a great big "birthday party" for Nemo to shower his family with gifts for Nemo so that he would have everything he needed when he got home!

The day to travel finally came, and Nemo's family traveled across the world. When they got to Nemo's town, the grownup fishies met them... and they were surprised to see a sweet, shy, cute little fishie with a very familiar face there too... it was NEMO! They had found him!

Nemo loved them right away. His mommy and daddy were everything he had hoped for, and his sister was even more so! She was so loving and kind, fun and giggly, and took such good care of him that Nemo's heart was fairly bursting with joy.... and the feeling was mutual on her part!

The next few days passed quickly as they took time to get to know each other and play together. then they got to go finish the paperwork, and Nemo was officially part of their family! They had a very rocky time getting home, because Mommy, Daddy and Big Sister got sick on the way and Nemo was very nervous, but they made it home.

Tonight, Nemo is going to bed (what else... his Nemo bed in his Nemo room!) in his new home with his new family. He has a forever family, and they have a forever boy. And their friends the Incredibles could not be happier for them (or more impatient to meet Nemo!) :)

And they all lived happily ever after.

Congratulations to Chocolateer (whose name on my blog will forevermore be Mary Poppins, because I think she is "practically perfect in every way" ), the Jedi, and Sweetling on Finding their little Nemo!
We got back from Guatemala on Saturday, June 2nd. I kept a blog on the laptop in Guatemala, but of course couldn't post it. Its way too long to put into one post on Blogspot (I think). So here it is.


Impossible Mom said...

I think we should call him nemo forever more.

that was sweet...lemme guess, Mango Marareta?

Chocolateer said...

Yep, Mango :)

And I'm thinking Nemo is very appropriate, but Little Guy, as an alias, goes better with Sweetling.

And heavens forbid my blog not co-ordinate. That just wouldn't be fashionable ;)