Friday, May 25, 2007

Good Morning

Good Morning, world, how are you?
I hope you're feeling fine...
I've been up since four, but I'm really not that tired,
'Cause I'm really, really wired.

The suitcases are packed. The carryons are packed. The luggage tags are filled out and attached. The passports are in their own little travel wallet (with a string that goes around neck or waist).

Today, I need to call Erin and ask to borrow a suitcase. The suitcases are packed, but the biggest suitcase is pushing the 50lb weight limit. We have three carry-ons. We have one Big Honking suitcase, one reasonable suitcase, and one overnight bag to be checked. We think we should borrow two more reasonably sized suitcase and repack the Big Honking and the overnight bag into two reasonable suitcases. (The original thought was to not have to drag three suitcases through the airport....but getting to the airport and being told that Big Honking is over its weight limit is going to stink even worse than dragging three suitcases.)

Today, Sweetling wants to play on Club Penguin because they are having a member party.

Today, I want to take Sweetling to the library to get her a nice chapter book for the plane ride.

Today, Sweetling needs to take a dose of malaria medication. Its a pill to be this ought to be interesting.

Today, I'd like to get the house clean and ready for us to come back to a clean, tidy dwelling.

Today, I need to fill out medical papers for Sweetling and I to put in our passport wallets.

Today, I have the attention span of a squirrel.

Today, the Jedi wants everyone in bed by 7pm so we are reasonably rested when we have to get up at midnight to drive to Columbus. There's no way Sweetling will go to sleep at 7pm. So really, what will happen is that Sweetling will lay in bed reading for a couple of hours, the Jedi will go to sleep, and I will lay in bed thinking and daydreaming. When I finally do fall asleep, I'll wake up often in a panic that we've overslept and totally missed our flight....usually after having a dream about some similar disaster.

Today, today, today.

Today is our last day in Cincinnati for a while. This trip will be the longest we've been away from home since our honeymoon. And, really, this trip has our honeymoon beat for length by a day or two.

Today, I'm going to go through my day certain that I'm forgetting something critical.

Today, I'm going to need lots of chocolate.

Today, I'm going to pick up some easy novels to read this afternoon when everything is done (yes, it totally could happen) to keep myself sane.

Today is the last day of one chapter of my life. Tomorrow, I start a new chapter.


Vaya The Elf said...

Have fun, see you when you come back

Impossible Mom said...

I can't wait to meet E is for Energy!

lushgurl said...

I will be waiting with anticipation to hear all about your new life! Iam so happy and excited for all of you, Energy is one very lucky little boy! Love to you, and 'Hershey' kisses too!