Monday, May 14, 2007

I lied

I'm not answering my questions from the last blog. Not today at any rate. Those of you who know me aren't surprised.

Another big non-surprise... All spring I've told myself, "I'm not gardening this year. I don't have time for any gardening this year. I am not going to be sucked into starting a gardening project that will fail miserably in August anyway."

I caved.

It was mother's day. The Jedi has been mowing the yard all spring. But the grass by the edge of the lamppost had mingled with the daffodils around the lamppost and was looking really gnarley. So, it was mothers day. I was only going take care of the tiny tiny area around the base of the lamp post. Its at the end of the driveway, near the street and the sidewalk, and one of the first things people see when they pull up to our house, and it looked terrible. One quick weeding project. That's it.

But it turned into, while I'm out here and I'm wearing old jeans and have my gloves on...

Theres a strip of ground on my side yard where I had smothered weeds and scraggly grass last fall and planted daffodil bulbs. But the daffodil flowers are gone now, and here's this bare piece of earth that is threatening to turn back into a weed patch. And there were packets of flower seeds in the butter door of my fridge from last year. So, I figured I should put those two things together. I had a bag of humus in the garage. I made need little rows of rich humus for my seeds and I edged each little row with white rocks that I had dug up from the path in the butterfly garden in April (remember...the strawberry patch was supposed to be relocating to the butterfly garden). I trimmed the little bed with these logs/branches that were blown down last winter but were too big to fit in the shredder. The Jedi had already stacked them and trimmed off all the side branches. So, now I have a little bed of seeds in neat, cute, little rows all tucked in. Will they grow?

And of course, while I was going through the leftover seed packets, I came across a packet of pumpkin seeds that Sweetling had picked out last spring that we had never planted. I had another bare patch of earth that has been waiting for three years for me to start a container herb garden. I sent Sweetling to the back yard with a spade and a bucket and told her to dig up some of the nice earth from the strawberry patch. She did and then made little mounds of it to plant her pumpkin seeds in.

Everything got watered yesterday and again this morning. We shall see. We shall water and wait and see.

It turned cold again before we could get the strawberries moved. Now they've already flowered and started to form its much too late to relocate them. Maybe in July after we've harvested their June berries.

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