Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Just for Christopher Robin

So, Christopher Robin, who is totally *not* high maintenance, is feeling left out because she hasn't been the star of my blog in a while. Not only has my entire blog not centered around her, but I had the audacity to write about someone else...twice! The nerve of me! (See, I can tease like this on my blog, cause she can't reach me until she's had a few days to calm down.)

Therefore, I have a blog that's JUST for her. No one else. This is all about my non-high maintenance friend. Nevermind that I introduced her as the woman who was in the delivery room with me when I had Sweetling. That, apparantly, doesn't count as a sign of my deep friendship and appreciation for her presence in my life.

No, no....its all about blog time baby.

And, since Christopher Robin just loves girly girl things, I have a personality quiz for her. Just for her. Too bad for the rest of you.

Without further ado....presenting........

Christopher Robin's Life as a Movie!!!!!!

If your life was a movie, what kind of a movie would it be?

1. Which of these signs would you hang on your bedroom door?
a) I *heart* kittens.
b) I'd rather be skydiving.
c) Warning: Contents Under Pressure
d) Private! Keep out! This means you!

2. If you could be a superstar athlete, which sport would you choose?
a) basketball
b) skateboarding
c) figure skating
d) gymnastics

3. You get a aper cut at school---what do you do?
a) ask to go to the nurse's office--immediately--before you die
b) gross out your friends with your blo-o-o-o-ood
c) put a bandage on it
d) pass out

4. Which fictional character would you most like to eat lunch with?
a) Bart Simpson
b) Prince Charming
c) Harry Potter
d) Black Beauty

5. There's a nasty insect in the shower. You....
a) squash it
b) name it
c) rescue it
d) scream

6. You and your date want to make a big impression at the dance. How do you arrive?
a) on a motorcycle
b) in a horse-drawn carriage
c) in a helicopter
d) in the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile

7. Surprise! Your parents redecorated your room. The worst color they could paint your walls would be
a) black
b) plain white
c) pink with flower stencils
d) no new paint---they left the walls as is

Now, Christopher Robin gets to pick the answers to her questions. Then I'll score her quiz for her and post with a sneak preview of the genre of her life movie.


lushgurl said...

Hey, now I feel left out, I'd love to know what my personality is, or what kind of a movie my life would be!!!
FYI - HNT stands for Half Naked Thersday- it's a place where some of us sober peeps post pictures on Thursdays! They're supposed to be pics of body parts of ours....tune in tomorrow to see them, 'cause I'll be linking to other posts.

Impossible Mom said...

you slay me. I was just using the opportunity to give my long lost and over busy friend some shit ;)
1. c
2. a
3. b
4. c
5. d (one of my only girlie traits)
6. b
7. c

Vaya The Elf said...


Now I know who Xuan's talking about, now everything makes sense to me, my life is now clear where it was once clouded like my underwear

(they have clouds on them not that they are dirty)

A Chance Wynd said...

Heh... Somehow I don't see my life being anywhere near a musical ;)