Sunday, May 20, 2007

We fly on May 26th :)

We leave Cincinnati between midnight and 1am to drive up to Columbus OH, arriving at the airport around 3am. Our flight departs at 6am. We have an hour and half layover in Houston and then we arrive in Guatemala City at 11:35 am local time (which is two hours earlier than our time).
We get picked up at the airport by the director of the orphanage where Energy lives. We'll be staying at the mission house attached to the orphanage so Energy can get to know us in a safe and comfortable environment. Then on Tuesday, the director drives us with Energy to the Mariott in Guatemala City. We stay there overnight with Energy. Our appointment at the American Embassy is at 7:15am Wednesday, May 30th. We get Energy's visa on Thursday afternoon.

We fly home, departing at 12:15? pm on Friday and arriving in Columbus at 11:35pm. We're spending the night at a motel in Columbus. On Saturday, we're meeting with the Jedi's parents (who are driving down from Canton OH)...hopefully we'll have a picnic or something at a park with a playground. Then we drive back to Cincinnati Saturday afternoon.

I figure the more I repeat this, the more real it will seem. Right now, it still has a very surreal quality to it.

Energy's drawers are full of clothes and his shelves have fun toys. I just finished the last of the fish on his walls. There's a table in the rec room/computer room stacked full of stuff that needs to go with us on the trip.

I just kissed my Sweetling for the last time as an 8 year old. Tomorrow she'll be nine. We need to bake and decorate her cake, and tomorrow night three of her "bestest friends ever" are going to spend the night.

Vaya got married on Saturday. I about held my breath during the exchange of vows, and then again during the exchange of rings. I did *not* however, cry. Again, the whole surreal quality.

Vaya got marred, Sweetling is turning nine, and we're flying to Guatemala.

See, you can't tell me that any of that sounds real.


lushgurl said...

Oh-my-Gawd...I can't contain the happy tears running down my cheeks for you! At long last Energy is coming home to mom and dad and a wonderful new sister....I SO believe in miracles

Love you Chocolateer!

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a great first post for me to read on your famous blog I didn't even know you had! What can I say... I am overwhelmingly THRILLED that you are getting Energy next week ( and I will pray the Lord gives YOU energy to handle Energy!). I am blessed that my sweet girl is a "very bestest friend" of Sweetling, and I am happy for you all that the wedding went so wonderfully. Most of all, selfishly, I am glad you are my friend!
OK, end of LONG LONG comment!
someone who is known on your blog as an alcoholic drink, of all things!

Chocolateer said...

Thank you both :)

We are so, so, so thrilled. Lots and lots of people have prayed for us, and supported us through this process and it is so good to see God bringing all the pieces of the puzzle together at long last.

Vaya The Elf said...

Can't wait to see my brother soon *smiles*

Got you and Susan while I was gone, and almost ed but they would not sell me what I had in mind, so i will just have to find something else.

Thank you for being there for me for my wedding. It means a lot to me, can't wait to see the photos and you will get copies of course