Thursday, September 06, 2007

Robin Hood and St. George

Sweetling and I are doing school. Her literature assignment is to write a two paragraph essay comparing and contrasting Robin Hood and St. George (using the short stories "St. George and the Dragon" by J. Berg Esenwien and Marietta Stockard, and "Robin Hood and Allin-a-Dale" by James Baldwin). We're doing this together as a nice example of how to write a short academic essay. Sweetling wanted to post in on my blog.

Here's our outline:
1. same
a. care for poor
b. brave
2. different
a. St George would have given his own money to the poor, Robin Hood took from the rich
b. St. George helps people solve their problems by getting rid of the problem by murder, Robin Hood would solve their problem in a non-lethal way

Here's our essay:

St. George and Robin Hood are both brave heros who care for the poor. After all the trouble in St. George's city was gone, he went out to see what else he could do. He didn't just lay around and do nothing. Robin Hood was willing to rob from others to give it to the poor.
St. George is a knight whose job is to uphold the law, but Robin Hood is an outlaw who breaks the rules. If St. George wanted to give money to the poor, he would have given his own money, but Robin Hood took it from others. St. George solved everyone's problems by killing whatever was causing the problem, for example he killed the dragon that was threatening the city. But, Robin Hood would solve their problems in a non-lethal way. For example when Alin-a-Dale came to him with the problem that his fiance was marrying someone else, Robin Hood didn't kill that woman or the person she was marrying.

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