Monday, September 03, 2007

three day weekend

All weekends should come with three days in them. Unless, of course, they had four days in them.

In no particular order I--

--sat on a blanket in the shade of a tree and read a Star Trek novel while Sweetling, Little Guy, and the Jedi rode bikes in the church parking lot.
--spent several hours trying to win a trophy for Cash Cow on Webkinz.
--lost splendidly at a game of Age of Empires.
--tried to convince Little Guy that mommy didn't forget to pour juice in his cup...the juice was just *invisible*.
--watched videos of Sweetling when she was a baby. Laid on the couch and cried after she had gone to bed because she didn't *need* me anymore
--wished there was a cookie fairy to bring homebaked chocolate chip cookies to good little girls like me.
--got a nifty new tablet PC cause the Jedi loves me. Played with it, but didnt save any of the doodles.
--went $50 over budget at the grocery store on Friday
--learned from another mom with preschool boys that needing to clean the bathroom at least once a day was totally normal.
--tried to convince the Jedi that every child drinks their hot chocolate with a spoon. That's just how its *done*
--gave up on my cash cow trophy and rearranged my Webkinz yard instead. (I gave up on my real yard back in May of this year. I just had no time or energy to put into failing at gardening this year.)
--went overboard in printing out cute little graphics for little know special days to put on the september calendar. our calendar now has playdoh day, talk like a pirate day, and elephant appreciation day.
--did NOT join a new online rp. But oh the temptation.
--did NOT watch Angel. I'm on a critical episode and I can't get the disk to play either in the laptop or on the media center pc. Boo hoo.
--watched another episode of the States with the Jedi. Saw more places that I'd love to visit "someday"
--did not have to clean house or cook dinner for guests from the international sales offices at the Jedi's work. I love having them to dinner, because they have such great stories (and the guy from Belgium brings chocolate). But I'm in a lazy three day weekend mode.
--avoided getting involved in the tickle wars between children and the Jedi
--ate the very last of the Chinese leftovers from our anniversary on Wednesday
--ate many spoonfuls of Heggy's fudge straight from the container

This list is a little less eclectic than I would like it to be. What can I do to change that?

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Impossible Mom said...

you need a back up regular DVD player. Will it not play on ANything?