Friday, April 18, 2008

Toe Rings, Secret Bookmarks, Love Whispers

Smurf's friend, the Guinea Pig Mama, gave me a little box of jewelry...including a toe ring. I cannot tell you for how long I have longed for a toe ring. I have looked enviously at the toe rings adorning the dainty, pedicured feet of other women stylishly displayed in cute summer sandals. And most of the time my own feet were shod in five dollar walmart sneakers which I wore till they fell apart with the blue gel insert wrapped around my heel for the extra cushion. And I would just gaze longingly at toe rings, sandals, and painted feet. Last summer, the Jedi and I had a brief falling out. I, being a woman through and through, consoled myself by going out and buy a thirty dollar pair of croc sandals. (The crocs were able to support my heels without any pain, where most sandals, even expensive ones were to flat and thin for me to wear for a day.) I kept my toenails painted for most of the summer too. And now, now I have a toe ring too. No one but other women will understand how significant this is for me. I got to wear my toe ring for the first time yesterday. I was like a woman with a new engagement ring, I had to keep looking at it.

Also yesterday, we went to the library. I usually grab a book or two from the children's fiction department. Yesterday, I pulled the book Willow Run off the shelf. I opened it to flip through the pages, and found a beautiful, hand colored, Egyptian bookmark in the book. In retrospect, I should have turned the bookmark in at the circulation desk. I left it in the book, so that whoever forgot it could come back to get it. But I thought to myself, how neat would it be to intentionally leave a little bookmark in a book I especially enjoyed for the next reader to find? I won't, because I'm sure I won't get around to it, but just the thought is interesting. It wouldn't have to be an expensive, or an elaborate bookmark. Just something printed from the computer and colored in with pencils would work. A secret bookmark agent.

Lastly, this morning, the Jedi woke me up with kisses. He wrapped his arms around me and held me for a while and whispered lovely thoughts in my ear. Among those whisperings was that he was created for me, created to love me, and that I was deserving of love. I'm still trying to absorb that.


Impossible Mom said...

I actually do that book mark thing!

Oh, and now that its nice out, when are you coming over to play on the new swingset?

The Maven said...

How much do we love The Jedi? That's so sweet!

Croc sandles, eh? Imp's still trying to convert me, but I refuse to like anything Crocs related. It's just so... faddish. And you know how I hate fads *sips her latte*