Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Aperture Easter

Yes, it's been eons since I've posted. But, two things are going to contribute to me being more regular with this blog, again. One, I've quit my rp site. Mom had a herniated disk in her back, she was in pain, couldn't walk or do much of anything for herself, and needed three trips to the er, four trips to the chiropractor, one trip to the family doctor, three trips to the specialist, and one trip to outpatient surgery (for an epidural cortisone shot done under fluroscopy), plus multiple, multiple trips to the pharmacy and a never ending stream of phone calls to set up all these appointments. In my free time, I had no brain cells left for writing an rp. So, no rps means more time for the Me to write in her blog. And two, I've quit my rp site.

On to the topic of this post. Each Easter we decorate our eggs a bit differently. This Easter, I cheated a bit and did a tried and true method, that I thought Little Guy could do easily. I sat on the living room floor and cut little tiny squares, rectangles and triangles of tissue paper. I put said pieces in a divided vegetable tray, sorting them by color to make a beautiful wheel of pretties. It being Easter, I did not include any brown or black, just lovely, uplifting colors. I set up the kitchen for the art project (because in my house, even Easter eggs become an art project.) I cut little cardboard circles from paper towel tubes to be stands for the eggs, so that each little masterpiece had its own easel. Then I gave the children paintbrushes and a few drops of water in a milk jug lid. One is to arrange the pieces of tissue paper, gently brush the mosaic with water, and then allow to dry. The dye from the wet tissue paper seeps into the eggshell, staining it with a lovely pattern of color.

We had each done several eggs (ok, the kids did several eggs, I was on my second), when Sweetling asked...do we have any black? I told her of course not. We had Easter colors. Bright, vibrant, beautiful symbols of the Resurrection. She said she needed black because she was going to make her egg look like the shooting robots from Portal. Black tissue paper then had to join our collection. Little Guy proceeded to make a "bad guy" egg named "Master Egg". The Jedi busted a gut laughing.

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