Friday, March 07, 2008

Top Ten

The snow is blowing. Again. In february, we went kite flying one Saturday, then sledding that Tuesday. Since then we've gone sledding again (in February) two more times. Last Friday, we went to the park and last weekend had the windows open. Now the snow is blowing, blowing, blowing past my window pane.

Someone should have put a blindfold on the groundhog.

Been meaning to do this for a while.

Top Ten Things I've Said to My Son (age 4), Which I Never Had to Say to My Daughter:

10. Honey, you and your friend need to take turns hitting each other with the light saber.

9. If you keep smacking yourself in the face like that, it makes your nose bleed. We don't want your nose to bleed. Don't do that anymore, ok?

8. Sweetheart, if Mr Turtle's arms and legs are falling off, the game is just a little too rough on Mr. Turtle.

7. Wow, look at that cool Lego gun you built!

6. Puh-puh-puh--poop starts with the letter P. P says puh.

5. No, there aren't any robots in the movie. No, there aren't any big spiders either. No, there isn't anything that blows up. This is Mommy's movie.

4. Yes, the tube does look like you have a big pee-pee.

3. Ok, bring Mommy the bear. I'll try to sew her head back on.

2. You need to get the pee in the toilet. Aim, aim! Aim!!!

1. Now, shake. Good job.


Anonymous said...

Ahahahahahhaa, amazing!

Impossible Mom said...


My personal fav for my two is "Boys, there is enough mermaid for the BOTH of you!"

Those are all great ;)

The Maven said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of boys, my friend. Isn't it... different?

And my husband wonders why I want a girl. Just one. Just... one. Please.