Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Smurf sent me this email. It was far too funny not to put in my blog. Of course, the only people who read my blog are already copied in the email (with the exception of Vaya)....but that's just too bad. My blog. Mine. I post what I want and I don't have to answer to you poeple. Mine. Names have been changed to protect the innocent....not that they were either innocent or protected themselves...

I was looking through school stuff this morning, and the following e-mail was in my inbox via blackboard:

"Hi Smurf

my name is S---- and Im in your philosophy class with Prof ____. The material is bullshit and you are the only person who understands whats going on. Ive never had to write a paper in philosophy before. Can I pay you to do mine for me? Its my only chance of passing. Please be discrete."

This was my response:

"Dear S-------,

I'm sorry you find the course work so difficult; it is very challenging, which is why I spend so much time asking Prof. G_____ questions about the readings in class. I sincerely wish you had been seeking tutoring instead of outright academic dishonesty. However, since help understanding the material isn't what you're after, I'm afraid I won't be able to help you.

Additionally, I am equally sorry to have to tell you that while I'll be perfectly discreet regarding your request, you yourself have not been. Blackboard copies all student emails sent through the class roster to the professor of the course. This was, perhaps, not your most ingenious move. The plus side is that you can probably evidence your foolishness here as proof that you haven't tried to cheat before (given how easily you are caught).

Hi Prof. _______!



My professor should be highly entertained. ;P

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