Wednesday, January 02, 2008

8 Minutes in the Morning

Yes, I'm trying *another* program. Why? Because I'm an ENFP, and I start multiple projects a day, that's why. So, here's the newest thing I'm trying.

It's a fitness program called 8 Minutes in the Morning. I'm thinking, surely, surely, I can do just 8 little minutes in the morning. Surely I can. The kicker is that I need to do 8 minutes _every_ morning....and thats where the ENFP might fail. But I'm going to hop on board and give it a whirl. Why? Cause I'm an ENFP, that's why.

So, part of this new venture is that I'm supposed to sign this contract and write a letter about why I'm starting. I, you know, skipped the contract, cause it involved weighing myself...and that involved finding the scales and what not. Plus it was boring. But the letter to myself about why I'm doing this sounded interesting, so that's what I'm doing.

Dear Self,

You used to be fun and adventurous and active. You used to bike or walk everywhere, cause you didn't own a car. You used to love being outside and immersing yourself in nature. You used to take ballet classes through Evening College. You used to abhor sitting still, and the idea of sitting at a computer for hours would have been sheer torture. Where have you gone?

Now, I glimpse you in the bathroom mirror and wonder, who is that middle aged, pale, flabby, dough like person? What albino elephant contributed a piece of hide to make that belly? Who is THAT? It certainly isn't me.

And then I go make us a mug of hot chocolate and turn on the computer.

Dear self, we can be active again. No, not like we used to be. Lets face it, our lives have changed now. The changes are good ones, but they necessitate a less active life. And, lets face it...we will never be interested in going on a walk in the evening, by then we're tired. And we certainly aren't hauling our sorry selves out of bed to go for a walk in the morning before the Jedi leaves. That's just insanity talking there. Exercise machines are boring. The very word exercise makes us groan and pull the covers back over our heads. Diets are evil, evil things. Besides...we don't really need to lose a ton of weight, we just need to tone up and kick our metabolism back in gear. Exercise fitness tapes are dorky. Especially the Jazzercise VHS tape from the early nineties. We still have "better butter burner" song stuck in our brain. We're so sorry brain. We'd erase it if we could. We're never, ever going to get our act in gear enough to join a club that we'd not go to. Or carve out the time to do a ballroom dance class, or any of the other options like that.

But, dear self, we surely, surely can do 8 lousy minutes in the morning. That doesn't even involve getting up early or anything. Just 8 simple minutes. 8 simple minutes, and all we need to do is tone up a bit. We will feel so much better for it. We will look so much better for it. No, we still aren't going to get our belly button pierced, even though we want to. You know we can't wear earrings without our ears turning red and itching...belly button piercings would have the same results. But we'll at least be able to wear a pair of jeans without a roll of flab popping out over the waist line. That'll be a nice change, won't it dear self? And we'll celebrate our first four weeks by going out and buying two new pair of cute paints.

See, dear self, this will be easy. And we'll get a cute little notebook for it. That'll make it fun. Maybe a purple pen and stickers. We love purple pens and stickers.

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