Monday, January 07, 2008

Chocolateer is "Wierd"

We went to the park today. It was 60 degrees this afternoon. Christopher Robin and her boys met us there. And we picked up Pinky on the way. (I've been a bad, bad friend to Christoper Robin. Horrible bad.)

Christopher Robin was filling me in on all the latest little anecdotes in her life. (Yes, that's misspelled, I'll let Smurf post with the correct spelling in the comments. It'll give her smug self something to do. )

Here's one of my favorites of the stories. Cause it involved me of course. I'm just that self-centered.

Pinky has three older brothers. I was going to name them after the Billy Goats Gruff, but I'll go with ...Punching Bag, who's the oldest and takes the brunt of my teasing when I'm around them. Goth, which is a self evident name, and gets teased mercilessly from me about his ripped up pants that so don't qualify as a fashion statement. And...hmmm.... I'll have to think on the third. He's not in this story anyway. Darn. Pinky's Mom needs a name. Now, several weeks ago. I confessed to Songwriter at church the first name that popped into my mind for Pinky's Mom and she highly encouraged me to pick a DIFFERENT name. Let's just be unoriginal and go with Pinky's Mom.

Punching Bag, whose 17, was complaining that he doesn't have a girlfriend. Has never had a girlfriend, was doomed in fact, to a life devoid of female companionship. No girl was ever, ever, going to like him. He was going to grow old alone.

Pinky's Mom, trying to be a voice of reason, pointed out that Uncle Bear was a nerd, and look, he's happily married.

Punching Bag was neither convinced nor cheered.

Pinky's Mom pointed out that the Jedi was an even bigger nerd. The biggest nerd she knew, and look...he is married too.

Yeah, Punching Bad admits, but that's only because Chocolateer is weird.

And, says Pinky's Mom, there's the right weird girl out there for you too.

Doesn't the whole story just warm your heart? I repeated the story after dinner tonight. The Jedi was flattered to be called a bigger nerd than Bear. Score one for the Jedi, in fact. And before I could get to Pinky's Moms last reply, the Jedi said "See, and there's a weird girl out there for him too."

I feel so loved.


Vaya The Elf said...

hehe I have no clue who are you are talking about

However, that is funny.


Impossible Mom said...


though, to go with the whole theme of anonymous names might want to stick with PINKY'S Mom.

and Call the youngest Money. Thats what he loves! Or Alex p Keaton.

And no, I'm not helping with a name for my sister. I call her Drama princess.

Chocolateer said...

Sigh. I try to be all clever. I really do. All fixed now. I can't call her Drama Princess. She isn't a drama princess around me. I WAS going to go with Tongue Piercing, but that was the name Songwriter from church advised against ;) I don't know why.

And aren't the Smurf I was referring to. (Although, says Sweetling behind me, she is a smurf!) But you're not Smurf. You're Vaya. My sister is Smurf. Though, if you feel left out not having a blog name that's directly related to a hair dye disaster, I can start calling you Oompa Loompa. I'm here for you that way.

Smurf (Missy) said...

You totally spelled anecdote correctly! I award you... two points! ;)

I'll have to give you a call some time soon and fill you in on my classes this quarter. I am a very happy (not to mention busy) girl. ;P

Have you been following the primaries at all? If not, I'll link you to a few speeches you should watch (you'll like them a lot--they're filled with hope and inspiration).

Love ya!

P.S. Weird girls are the coolest.