Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Barefoot in the Snow

Today is the first day back to school after a three week Christmas vacation. Why a three week vacation? Because Mom moved in with us. This involved the school room becoming Mom's bedroom and the downstairs becoming the school room and Sweetling's room getting a loft bed and being repainted. One Thursday night, the Jedi came home and decided it was time to get the school room out and a bed in. Mom had been sleeping at our house since that Monday on the little loveseat couch. So, Thursday night began the Great Shuffle. I took Sweetling to Tae Kwon Do so the Jedi could dissasemble, move, and reassemble two beds. (The loft bed and the large captains bed weren't going through doorways as a unit. They had to come apart and be put back together.) Stuff got stacked in the LR, stuff got stacked in the new school room. Stuff got stacked in the hall. I looked at Sweetling and said "Merry Early Christmas, we're not doing school in all of this."

So, today was our first day back. Sweetling was tired this morning. Far too tired to do pre-algebra. But maybe not too tired to do science. Being a heartless Mommy that I am, I told her to do some of her basic forms for Tae Kwon Do to wake her up. I offered to send her outside, barefoot in the snow to practice her forms for that real 'Kung Fu' feel. She opted for the indoors instead. Go figure.

Little Guy, on the other hand, would have done it. Little Guy has said that snow is his favorite weather.

In other news, we had a great break. Sweetling's new room is awesome. She painted a lot of it all by herself. We drove to Canton Sunday before Christmas with three cats, three cardboard boxes, and two rolls of duct tape. We hit a white out north of Columbus. We left our driveway (the first time) at 3 pm. We drove five minutes to Mom's apartment for the great Boxing of the Cats. We left our drive way the second time around 5pm. We arrived at the Jedi's parents (the first time) at 11pm. We took the children in and tucked them in. We left to drive to East Nowhere Ohio where my brother's house is to drop off the cats. One cat deboxed itself en route. We arrived (the second time) at the Jedi's parents' at 1:30 am. I count it as an Experience. The Jedi counted it as an ordeal.

Sweetling's favorite part about Christmas: "I like getting Webkinz."
Little Guy's favorite part about Christmas: "Choo choo train" (quickly changed to Webkinz cause that's what Sweetling said.)

If I weren't so lazy, Id move the pics to the end of the blog. But that involves editing the Html page. And you and I both know that isn't going to happen.

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