Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sites to Check Out

I'm reading others' blogs who actually, you know, followed the directions for the last memoir assignments. There are some cool sites out there. I'm making a list so that later I can go back and see them :)

The Homeschool Magazine --keep meaning to check this out. haven't yet.

Homeschool Freebie of the Day
--free is my favorite color

And while we're on that topic-- CurrClick--I've known about this one. I just keep forgetting to visit it. They have a weekly freebie.

And now I'm just going to plagarize BerryPatch:
# Art Projects for Kids (blog) Some of the projects on here are a bit too time consuming for me. The one just up is making a "painting" out of clay that requires glazing and firing it in a kiln. That won't happen around here. But there are some really fun & neat projects on there as well.
# No Time for Flash Cards (blog) EXCELLENT for the preschool crowd and a bit older. Hands on stuff. I can't recommend this one enough. Love it.

More links to look at--
Today's Creative Blog

Hillbilly Housewife--low-cost home cooking from scratch

I might add more. But I think i'll stop there.

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Re: CurrClick. Sign up for their e-letter and they will remind you of their free stuff. :-)

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