Thursday, November 13, 2008

Second Verse, Same as the First

7:27am--you know, I feel strongly motivated to do this again today. I won't say "led", because I don't think its the same thing at all. But I think I'm working out a few things about my self and about my daily life, and writing my time log is helping me on that. Granted, I haven't gone into any deep philosophical thoughts, but I'm working my way there, oh yes, I am. My recommendation to any blog reader that happens by is to just skip this posts of self discovery and come back when, I hope, I cut to the chase.

Got up this morning slightly before 6 when I thought I heard Toa calling for me. Sweetling had been up at 12:20...cause we heard her little voice over the new monitor the Jedi got for her room. (The Jedi is worried that Sweetling will get sick in the middle of the night and need us, and we won't hear her call from downstairs.) Plus, before that, I had had a really, really disturbing dream. So, not a lot of sleep, but up at 6. Toa was out cold of course, but if I went back to sleep, I'd oversleep and be late for co-op. Instead, I got my shower early so I wouldn't be competing wiht mama for shower time.

I picked up "Simplify your Space" again. I'm going to give that a whirl. More later.

I surfed blogs I've been neglecting and hope to have time to really read and leave comments later.

And I despise the "later" theme that seems to run through much of my intentions.

I have three or four emails from friends tha I need to respond to "later."
I have housework to get to "later".
I have decorating ideas that I'd like to try "later".
I have clothes that I want to shop for "later."
I have yardwork that didn't get done in the fall cause everyday I would just have to do it "later."
And now NaNo has been put in the "later" folder as well.
See the pattern?

7:38 Enough of the pity party. I'm hungry and I'm going to make breakfast and sit down with my devotions. Need to get Sweetling up by 8.

7:45 I didn't make breakfast or sit down with devotions. I went to the understairs storage and pulled out a candle holder a secret pall gave me several years ago. The votive candles sit behind painted metal letters which spell autumn and are decorated with pumpkins and apples and gourds and a scarecrow. Its sitting at one end of my kitchen table. Of course Sweetlings King Boo is sitting beside it.

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Insight said...

Later... I noticed nothing under this "later" category is family oriented. I see priorities being evaluated, and handled rather well in my opinion. Time for Sweetling and Toa can never be replaced, and there you are with them, making their little lives wonederful, and sitting down and watching Jedi do anything (with a cup of hot chocolate in hand of course) is surely more important than an organized space... and those little moments of Sabbath, that's God's idea! Rest shouldn't mean guilt! But you do know what other things are good to do if/when that time does happen to be there. And keep asking God when that time will be for your writing. Somehow I think that will be happening - you're too good for it not to... in His time, in His way... perhaps with a slightly different twist than what you may think... all this to say, you've done an excellent job with your time!