Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Where does the time go?

7:22 am--wake up, pull on robe, pull poor mangled crumpled clean clothes out of basket+spread on bed, boot up computer, go potty +walk past second laundry basket of clothes, try to chase Mama into the shower for the day so that I can get my shower too, drink a glass of water

7:33am--start post. need a running record of my daily time to convince myself that I'm not crazy. To do list includes:
--fold or hang and put away three baskets of clean laundry
--get shower
--have breakfast and devotions
--do dishes throughout the day
--clean bathroom
--sweep kitchen floor
--put away yesterday's groceries
--do a day's worth of schooling with each of two children in half a day's time
--have lunch
--call around to find who's giving flu shots on Friday
--clip and file coupons
--enter receipts into my excel worksheet
--go to CVS, Walgreens, Biggs
--pick up Pinky if she has a ride home from church tonight
--email BA about not being in children's church tonight
--put away cvs, walgreens, biggs groceries
--post about why I'm not doing the NaNoWriMo this year
--give Toa of Boy a bath
--get apple and caramel snack ready for Toa of Boy to take to church
--make dinner
--leave at 5pm to go to a presentation about dyslexia 50 min away in Miamisburg
--come home
--get packed for co-op
--enter two weeks worth of Sweetling's attendance logs in the on-line school
--get nightsnack for kids when they get home
--help kids get their backpacks and lunchboxes packed for coop
--get Toa of Boy tucked into bed
--get adoption letter for Irish ready to put in tomorrow's mail
--get Sweetling tucked into bed
--finish laundry

7:42 am--am told by mother that we are out of toilett paper. had plenty when i used it ten minutes ago. hop on grocery game to see if cvs or walgreens has a deal on t.p. Wonder if Scott was the brand that I got on sale a couple of months ago that everyone hated. put it on the cvs list anyway. i think we go through a roll a day. it didn't used to be that way. i have my suspects.

7:48--mamma still isn't in the shower. go put away a load of laundry.

8:04--one load down. three more to go. I miscounted earlier. head upstairs to clip and sort the coupons that are all over the kitchen table. mama just started the shower.

8:33--heading to shower. coupons are still on kitchen table, but I found the ones I needed for today's shopping. discover that both of the two bras that I own are still wet. take everything out of dryer, put one bra back in. go hang up what I pulled out while bra is drying. Mama asks if she can invite her Saturday night women's Bible study over. I say sure, but not this Saturday, cause this saturday we're housing two members of the Anderson University String Ensemble.

8:44-some of my jammies were damp too. I spread them out on the bed to air dry during the day. stole hangers from the jedi's closet cause my hangers were hopelessly tangled. I hear a child awake and about upstairs. taking my wet bra out of the dryer and heading to the shower anyway.

9:17--out of the shower. lotioned (all except the itchy spot in the middle of my back.) dressed. hair dried. was supposed to start school at 9am. will do make-up later when I (ha ha) have more time. starving. making breakfast for Toa of Boy. will make breakfast for me and start school with Sweetling while I eat. Sweetling is sitting at the table right now eating her breakfast and reading her devotions. will edit to update this list through the day.

9:39--waiting for sweetling to come down for school. made peanut butter and banana sandwich for Toa of Boy's breakfast. loaded dirty dishes into dishwasher, put in detergent, remembered to turn on (major victory there). make my breakfast. wondered how toa of boy got peanut butter in the hair on the back of his head. helped him feed his crusts to the birds. cleaning Toa's letter tiles, sight word cards, wooden 3d solid shapes, poetry book, dragon boat, webkinz, and foam airplane off school desk.

9:42--sweetling's here.

10:11--Sweetling took away my teacher pencil when I tried to make my algebra explanation sung to the wonderpets theme song. Toa of Boy is here for school now. I bet he won't let me sing either.

11:04 Toa of Boy thinks kisses and chicken dance are not part of school. Where are these children getting these absurd ideas?

11:28 Toa of Boy just finished phonics and is going potty. I'm left wondering, will this phonics program do him good in the long run? Sweetling just picked up reading on her own. Should I have used a more whole language program with Toa's reading? He's doing great with the phonics. He's reading short, controlled sentences like "The cat is at the mat," and "The bat is fat." Will that eventually translate into a literate individual with a love for books?

11:46 Sam has yellow skin and a red hat, according to illustrator Toa. We don't know why he sat and sat. Toa of Boy said Sam wasn't in trouble. His mat is red too. Sam is a theme in red and yellow. On the last page, someone came along and painted Sam orange.

11:52 Toa of Boy is finished with school for the morning. He wants to do history after lunch. I need to check on Sweetling's progress. She's upstairs writing sentences about the Puritans right now. We need to check her algebra problems and read geography together before lunch. After lunch, she needs to make a comparison chart for comp, do a vocab lesson, and in theory, take a unit assessment for literature over the greek myths. This involves a short essay. I'm not sure if the essay is getting done today. I think I'll clean the bathroom, put away a bag of groceries, and clean the kitchen counters while she finishes her sentences.

12:38 Sweetling is finished with her sentences. I cleaned the kitchen, cleaned the bathroom, swept the kitchen floor, emailed ba, did makeup, clipped more coupons. Lunch time. Sweetling and I are going to take a working lunch. Sweetling doesn't know this yet.

1:26 yummy lunch of an eggroll and potato wedges. Toa of Boy had grilled cheese and grapes. Sweetling had pb+j and grapes. I'm having milk and a chocolate chocolate chip muffin while Sweetling does some algebra corrections. During lunch Sweetling and I studied a map of the fall line of the us eastern coast and how differences in the width of the coastal plain effected the lives of the settlers and the economics of the different regions.

2:10 Wanted to leave at 2 for the stores. Sweetling is finishing up her composition chart. Toa of Boy did handwriting (letter F) and history (found and colored Italy on the map and painted Italy's flag). Entering receipts into excel while waiting for Sweetling. Also had Toa clean squished grape off floor and red watercolor off wall. Threatened him with a loss of Wii until saturday the next time he whined about not wanting to go to the stores today.

5;20 Just finished making dinner. Not making a 50 minute drive tonight. I'll get a book on dyslexia from the library.

5:39 Nearly 10 hours since I got up this morning. Now my to do list looks like this:
--put away leftovers and clean up kitchen
--unload and reload dishes
--fold or hang and put away three baskets of clean laundry
--put away groceries from 3 different stores
--call about flu shots for friday, if anything is still open
--clip and file coupons
--have hot chocolate and devotions
--have sweetling finish her chart for comp after church
--post about why I'm not doing the NaNoWriMo this year
--get packed for co-op
--enter two weeks worth of Sweetling's attendance logs in the on-line school
--get nightsnack for kids when they get home
--help kids get their backpacks and lunchboxes packed for coop
--get Toa of Boy tucked into bed
--get adoption letter for Irish ready to put in tomorrow's mail
--get Sweetling tucked into bed
--have hot chocolate and devotions

I'm not sure there's a whole lot of difference between the two lists. Toa of Boy never got a bath today. I'm playing hookey from church tonight.

6:45 Family just walked out the door to church. Prior to that, the Jedi, who hates to be late, raced 1 cup and 4 time trials on mariokart, went downstairs and did something on his computer, then expected the kids to be out the door in two minutes. Plus he has to walk them up to children's church and preschool church and drop off snack for preschool church. I don't think he was taking the kid factor into his equation of it taking 'only 14 minutes' to drive to church. In the meantime, all my groceries are away, my dishwasher has been unloaded and reloaded, the leftovers are away, and the pans are soaking. AND I sat down and watched the jedi's race. Going to have hot chocolate and do the devotions that I never had time for this morning. And call about flu shots. I think I'll do that while the Jedi is gone so he doesn't know I didn't do that on Monday.

7:15 I just got off the phone with the last pharmacy. No lie. I called three places and was on the phone for 30 minutes. making hot chocolate and sitting down now. If I can have the laundry put away and be packed for co-op before family gets back, I'll be happy. Oh, and Sweetlings attendence.

7:30 i'm rather ashamed to admit that my devotions only took 15 minutes. So, why couldn't I have spent 15 minutes on them earlier in the day? I was thinking I needed at least half an hour of uninterrupted time.
He who walks with the wise grows wise, but a companion of fools suffers

--Prov 13:20

8:11 pm --I put on Celtic Christian Spirit and got all the laundry folded and put away. So lift your voice, its the year of jubilee-- (well, technically, Toa's laundry and Jedi's laundry isn't put away, but they are both in charge of putting them away. I folded them. Sweetling only has a couple pairs of socks, a turtleneck, and a sweater, so it didn't really bear mentioning....but i could tell you were wondering.) More evidence that I should have been a hippy came forth. Cause flowers bloom where love is green.

8:40pm--*nearly* finished updating Sweetling's attendence. Discovered she didn't mark down one, not one, start or start time for her subjects for the day. Trying to reverse engineer her day based on my blog posts.

8:44--did that. but now I still can't update her day, cause she isn't finished with her comp chart and I want to add that time in. In the meantime, I'm packing Toa and I up for co-op.

8:46--family's home :)

9:09--tucked Toa into bed. realized afterwards that we hadn't packed his lunchbox for the morning. that will suxers in the morning. may as well go for broke and not pack any lunchboxes. Going to make a second cup of hot chocolate and watch ghosthunters with the jedi.

10:20 going to bed. will pack lunchboxes and sweetlings backpack tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Wait, you spent 30 minutes on the phone? Why didn't you just use this?

The internet is your friend Xuan. I swear I save at least an hour a day by properly and efficiently using "the google." =P

Chocolateer said...

I did try usning the net first. That futile time was part of the 30 minutes. cvs, walgreens, kroger...all their sites were quick to advertise that they had flu shots, but were useless for specific information about times, prices, whether they innoculated children, etc. CVS gets the prize for the most useless of all.

Anonymous said...

I can very much relate to the need to write the day's happenings down so one doesn't think all the busy-ness is "just in my head." Man, I can go, go, go all day long and at the end of the day look around and think "did I even accomplish anything?"
Right now, I'm so brain-fried on a daily basis that I'm even having trouble focusing long enough to even think about a to-do list let alone actually write one down.
Don't you fret or give yourself a guilt trip regarding that novel writing thing or about blogging. Believe me, I respect bloggers more if they blog without obligation and put their families first. Notice I haven't blogged in three weeks? Yes, I have moments of feeling "guilty" about that, but...there are just times when it is best not to blog. Or work on projects that take us away from the ministry of ministering to our families. Do I WANT to blog? Do I WANT to write? Oh, yah! But, I WANT to serve God and raise servants for Him far more. Know what I mean?
I look forward to reading whatever entries you post whenever they are posted.
Many Blessings,

Insight said...

You mentioned the grocery game. Are they really significantly helpful? I need some savings in this area, but anytime I try to do coupons I spend hours upon hours, and then I end up not saving much, just perhaps get a different brand. So I quit. Yet if I could save 30% that would be significant... what's your take on it?

Mary Elizabeth said...

Hey, that was a Susan Barton presentation, right? I can email you the highlights, if you want. I can also recommend the quintessential book on dyslexia, Overcoming Dyslexia, by Sally Shaywitz.

There is a lot of bad info out there on dyslexia; let me know if you want any guidance. I've been on this journey for a couple of years now.

Mary Beth