Saturday, November 07, 2009

Cold and Flu Kits

I'll come up with a title later. (or not)

Here's my situation. Its a Saturday night. I'm really tired. The Jedi is watching the Bearcats on TV. The Bearcats on TV hold no interest to me at the moment.

I have nothing to write about and YET, here I am, inflicting my ramblings upon the entire internet.

College football doesn't even have entertaining commercials. What's up with that?

Guess what I'm NOT doing? I'm not doing this. Aren't you proud of me?

We went to the park today, the Jedi, the kids, and me. It was a beautiful, warm of the last we will see in a while. The Jedi said we should take advantage of it. He also suggested visiting Loveland Castle, which I was all about. But neither of the kids were very interested in going out to the castle. Toa of Boy wanted to go to Parky's Farm, so to Parky's Farm we went. Sadly the brief game of tag they played on and around the equipment got Sweetling coughing again, and she wound up reclining against her Daddy on a bench.

Which reminds me:

Flu and Cold Kit for Kids:
Things to keep on hand through the cold and flu season....generated after the plague swept through our household last week.
1. Chicken noodle or cream of tomato soup (of course)
2. Tissues and an empty tissue box, save one when you use up all the tissues. Set this beside sick child to use as a little garbage pail for all the used tissues they'll be generating.
3. A couple of cheap, new puzzles, coloring books, or activity books. Grab these at the dollar store or at a discount and then put them aside for those sick days in the winter. (I had only one puzzle that was new. This was an error on my part. I shall be hitting the dollar store and looking for a 500 piece puzzle. This was a good number for two sick children and one sick Mommy to complete over the course of a day or two.)
4. A friend with an awesome home movie library who is willing to make home deliveries.
5. Some rules for new, but very, very easy card games. No one will be able to really concentrate on a serious or competitive game. So the game needs to be low-key. Look for these rules ahead of time, because if you are also either sick, or just exhausted from lack of sleep, on-line directions such as this become completely indecipherable. Still, Go Fish and War will only get you so much mileage.
6. Sippy cups. Yes, even if your children are well past the age when they need them. You need to get fluids in them, and they'll be laying on the couch. Juice boxes and such will still spill.
7. A fun, easy to follow chapter book....provided that you are not also sick. If you are not sick,  reading aloud is a wonderful way to keep a sick child resting and entertained. If you are also sick, this might not be a viable option.
8. Friends who will text you, IM you, or post on your Facebook wall. You'll need these little notes of encouragement when your house is under quarantine. (Ok, we technically weren't quarantined, but after over a week stuck at home, it was sure feeling that way.)
9. Plus, lots of standard medicine cabinet stuff. I'm not about to tell you what sort of drugs to give your children. But whatever cures or symptom relievers you use, have some. Have lots.
10. Individual chapsticks or lip balms. A strange thing to find on this list? Maybe. But we all three had serously chapped lips.

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