Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Bees Knees

Today's Mosaic of Trivia--


I'm hoping that spring comes soon just because the knees of Toa of Boy's pants are all starting to give out. Every week I do laundry I have to pitch at least one more pair of pants because the knee has been completely shredded. When kind-hearted friends first started giving me clothes for the boy, I thought I had way too many clothes for him. Little did I know that I needed all those clothes and more because boys *destroy* clothes. It's maybe part of the y-chromosome, need to be continuously prepping for battle or something. At any rate, I stuff his drawers with clothes, and then keep at least one more bag of clothes in the closet to replace pants as they wear out....and I'm still running out of clothes by the end of one season.

Tape Measure

I think I've lost the Jedi's tape measure. Don't tell the Jedi ;) I briefly considered blaming the boy just so I would avoid getting in trouble. But then the boy woke up, came into the living room in a pair of pants with a huge hole in the knee, and snuggled up next to me on the couch. Even I type this, there he is, looking up at me with those big, dark eyes that just melt my heart. So plan B is let's replace the tape measure with a new one from Walmart and hope the Jedi doesn't notice.

Portrait of Insanity

Why is it that when I lose something, my search eventually deteroriates into looking in impossible, ridiculuous locations? I had the tape measure in the master bedroom. I was measuring the bed, so I could price fabric and sheets to determine if it would be cheaper to buy sheets or to buy fabric over the internet to make my own sheets. Therefore I naturally started my search in the bedroom. No tape measure. I started opening clothing drawers. Still no tape measure. I went into the closet room/server room. No tape measure. I sifted through the clutter on my desk. No tape measure. I came up stairs and looking in the cabinet that houses my sewing machine. No. I sat there, staring at the sewing machine cabinet and wondering where else I could look. My next logical thought? The freezer. That's right. The freezer. I didn't look in the freezer. I came and blogged instead.


We couldn't log on to school yesterday. I don't know why. Sweetling wasn't disappointed. That makes for an easy day for both kids, since it halves the lessons we have access too. I'm proud to say that I didn't give up to play Zelda. I did phonics and math with a reluctant boy, threatening with the loss of all he holds dear if he didn't co-operate (beautiful portrait of home-schooling in action). And I did laundry. And worked on the Rez script for Easter. And made pancakes. And watched Olympics. See, I told you I didn't have a problem ;)

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