Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Signs that you MIGHT be playing too much Wii

1. You're six year old can't read the word "turtle", but instantly recognizes the word "koopa".

2. The same six year old could spell the word Wii before he could spell his own name.

3. You find yourself explaining scripture verses to your children by making analogies to various video games.

4. The word "boss" means a big creature that you have to fight at the end of a level.

5. At church, Awana jewels aren't "earned", they are "unlocked".

6. Wii music is your primary music curriculum for your homeschool.

7. Other families with multiple children spend their Saturday's working out transportation to soccer games and other activities while your major scheduling headaches come from trying to regulate equal turns on the Wii.

8. As an adult, your biggest achievement for the week is completing the Temple of Time without dying even once.

9. A dream of walking through a beautiful redwood forest comes complete with floating heart icons.

10. You really hoping Nintendo comes out with a line of Edu-Wii-cation products so you can use the Wii for school work.

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