Thursday, September 09, 2010

Fall Break

We're considering starting our two week fall break next week. Here's our list of things we might like to do during our Fall School Break:

--go to Pig Island
--visit the outdoor area of the Creation Museum
--go to Serpentine Mound
--make fairy houses
--decorate the house for fall
--carve our own letterbox stamps and use them :)
--helium balloon launch (with an email address for responses to track how far they travel)

And, because we are us and all, this has developed into another list for October activities:

--burry the Oooka in leaves
--collect and laminate pretty fall leaves to hang in the windows
--set up our own haunted house

And now this has become a discussion of what we want to be for Halloween. Just so you know, here are some of the options that have been tossed out (for our family, these are remarkably mainstream).

1. Toy story characters. The kids could be the three eyed aliens. Mommy could be Jessie. This plan falls apart because we don't think we can talk the Jedi into being Buzz Lightyear.
2. The cast of Curious George. Toa gets to be the monkey, of course. Sweetling gets type-cast as Professor Wiseman. And Mommy getst to be the Mommy in the Yellow Hat. The bonus of this plan is that Mommy gets a yellow hat.
3. The cast of Pacman game. Someone would have to be Pacman and the rest of us get colored sheets and become Inky, Blinky, and Pinky.
4. The cast of Penguins of Madagaskar was tossed out by Toa of Boy, who immediately volunteered to be Mort. Sweetling says this would wind up looking like three penguins and a little brown thing. Unless Mommy was King Julien, which Sweetling says would look like two penguins, a little brown thing, and Mommy wearing a grey suit with a crazy hat.

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