Saturday, January 08, 2011

Facebook Friday

AND its actually Friday, for 15 more minutes, booyah! (Once again, don't bother reading this if you already follow me on Facebook. I'm not *that* interesting.)

Dec 3
Sadly, the Christmas elves did not come and clean out my under-stairs storage while I slept. Sweetling says this is because the elves are too busy making sure the reindeer don't have a nervous breakdown, but she did volunteer to help me get the storage cleaned out so we can get to our tree decorations.

Dec 3
The good news is that we can now easily get to our Christmas decorations. The bad news is the entire office/school room downstairs is full of piles of junk I pulled out from under the stairs.

Dec 4
I can't find my pickle ornament. When I brought it home from amish country last spring, I couldn't get to the Christmas boxes to put it away, so I put it somewhere "safe". Now it's gone forever :(
---Sweetling made me a new pickle ornament, so now Christmas can proceed as scheduled.
---we do the person who finds the pickle gets to open the first present :) I told the kids that if I couldn't find the pickle ornament, no one would get to open presents....but no one believed me. And someone told me it was a German tradition, but I can't verify that.

Dec 5
Spent several quality hours with the toilet bowl last night. Aren't you grateful for the social media that lets me share these things with you?

Dec 5
Soda crackers are, in general, useless EXCEPT that I am extremely happy to be able to hold a few of them down.

Dec 6
Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes. I'm doing better, but now Sweetling has it :(
Besides soda crackers, jello, dry toast, and chicken noodle soup.....what can I safely eat? I'm *hungry*

Dec 6
New rule of thumb, if I'm too sick to drink hot chocolate, I'm too sick to leave the house. That's sound fair and reasonable, right?

Dec 6
I ate dinner, like a real, honest to goodness dinner!

Dec 8
who knows the lyrics from "Mystery of the Manger"? How does this end? "Matthew quoted prophesies that Jesus did fulfil. Mark wrote of the servant king who did the Father's will. Dr. Luke gave us the details of our Savior's birth. John would prove the Son of God would come to save the earth." And now here's the part I forget:
---The Gospels of Jesus were written down for me. Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John just read them and you'll see. They're very different yet the same, united they proclaim, _____ ______ ______"
(Note, a good friend called me with the lyrics, but now I forget them again.)

Dec 10
Ah weekend, I love laying in bed till the sunlight is streaming in through the window. And yes, my weekend get to start a day early. Nyah, nyah :)

Dec 11
I want a bird bath. And a bird feeder. And an attractive lanscape for them to sit in. Also a labor-free vegetable garden and a greenhouse. And a gardener to keep it all looking nice. Got that, Santa?

Dec 12
No matter how many Ls I put in the word "chili" it never looks right. Chili, chilli, chiiiiilllliii, chilililee.

Dec 12
I cut a brownie, put it on a plate, hand it to Toa of Boy. He shakes his head no. I ask, don't you want a brownie? He shakes his head no. I put away the pan of brownies, put away the 2nd plate (for me), take the rejected brownie and go sit down. Toa says, "snack!" I ask what he wants. He says brownie. Is this just a plot to sabotage what little sanity I have left? He honestly didn't want a brownie, until he saw you about to enjoy one, and this provided the reminder that, "yes indeed, brownies are good." It's the same sort of distorted human logic that dictates if you can't decide between 2 movies, and your spouse finally chooses one, instantly you will want the other. I think we're all just a wee bit contrary by nature, and have to fight against it to even survive as a species ;)

Dec 13
And a HUGE thank you to all who were out doing their "snow day" dance last night. No co-op for us.....sledding instead!

Dec 14
I'm thinking of taking a flame-thrower to my to-do list.

Dec 15
By 8:15, I was up showered, dressed, and had eaten breakfast, done my devotions, shined my sink, wakened my children, and had practiced my scripture passage and my dance for the Christmas presentation. My reward for this industrious now is folding laundry and doing school. Somehow that doesn't quite seem right.

Dec 15
Ok, my morning is now looking up. I got to put a banana sticker on Toa's forehead (I told him he had to wear it if he was eating the banana and that this rule was in the US Constitution and probably in the Bible too) AND I put an empty tissue box on his head as a hat. Life is good.

Dec 15
There is just one moon and one golden sun, and a smile means friendship to everyone! There's so much that we share that it's time we're aware, it's a small world after all! (You may begin leaving your comments of thanks and appreciation now.)
---I' had forgotten abut that song! Thanks!
---This is when... you hug Uncle Al & Captain Wendy before you go through the gate & wave good bye!
---Thanks a lot. Now, I'll be hearing that song in my head for a week (at least)! ;0}
---When your kids are ready for YA novels.... there's a great scene in "Going Bovine" by Libba Bray where the characters become stranded inside the broken-down Small World ride at Disney-World-Land. Very Funny. But-- Your. Kids. Are. Not. Old. Enough. To. Read. This. Book. Yet.
---I don't know that song and I'm glad I don't because I'm pretty sure I hate it.

Dec 16
After baking cookies, pretty much continually since I got up this morning till around 11pm, I can totally understand why some people snap and start writing songs like "Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer."
---We found her huddled in a corner, clutching a spatula, and endlessly repeating, "The chips... the chocolate chips... so many chips..."

Dec 19
Food highlights of the weekend: homemade Cinci-style chili, served w spag n cheese; Christmas cookies galore; The Jedi's pepperoni cheese ball; oranges; and, to top it all off, The Jedi's delicious baklava :)

Dec 20
Thank you for the beautiful annointed dance today. The Lord used you to do an amazing job!

Dec 21
Ah, my home is full of the blissful banter inspired by Nintendo's "divorce mode", which they maliciously hide behind the marketing label "multi-player".

Dec 21
forgetting to rinse conditioner out of hair does not result in a good hair day....just an FYI

Dec 22
Packing is no fun. Unpacking is even less fun. But road trips ARE fun, so......a packing I shall go.

Dec 23 (from mobile)
Rollin' rollin' rollin' sanity is stolen, but all the gifts are loaded, up high. Rain or wind or weather, we're trapped in here together....

Dec 23
Lunch in Columbus, our fortune cookies read: Be daring-try new things. You will attract artistic and cultured people to your house. You can always trust your friends. And, Your home is a pleasant place where you draw much happiness.
FB friends, can you top those? I bet you can be more creative and more personal :)
---My friend John got one that was cut in half lengthwise. All it said was "cant win."
---I actually got one that said "Never smell the inside of a hat."

Dec 24
I'm super excited about Norad tracking Santa....the kids, not so much :(

Dec 25
Toa of Boy got a can of silly string in his stocking. Sweetling said, "Seriously???? Who's bright idea was THAT????" Nana's backyard now looks like something out of a Dr. Suess book.

Dec 26
Cold Stone for dinner: Hooray for Christmas gift certificates!

Dec 27
I was hoping on FB to whine about all the laundry that needs done. Instead, I'm stealing a quote a friend had up on her status.--
"For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others;
for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness;
and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone."
-Audrey Hepburn

Dec 27
must put down the sudoko book. Must get dressed, do laundry, vacuum and figure out what's for dinner tonight.

Dec 28
Today, laundry and art. That's right. I'm getting out my sketchbook and my chalk pastels :)

Dec 29
Ah, let the torture of haircutting begin. Anyone who feels inclined to call child protective services, now is your chance. Judging by the whines of protests coming from my little boy, an intervention is clearly justified ;)

Dec 30
Things that have puzzled me today--1) where sleepovers got their name, when so little actual sleep occurs. 2) How a rainy 42degree day in Dec seems balmy and to warm to wear a coat. 3) Just where did my Christmas vacation go? I need another week!

Dec 31
Sunny and 62....can it just stay this way till April?

Dec 31
Lucky you... I had one more shirt left in your size for the New Year's Day Virtual Race. Have fun!

Dec 31
Nothing says Happy New Year like deep fried Snickers Bars.

Jan 1
Toa of Boy has set a goal for himself for the coming year. His turn 8. We're rooting for you, buddy.

Jan 1
New Year's Day, Chinese for lunch. Our fortunes were: Mama-to remember is to understand. Toa-Today is a great day to learn something new. (His comment, "It's not even a school day!") Sweetling-Effort and courage are not enought without purpose and direction. Mine-Even as the cell is the unit of the organic body, so the family is the unit of society. I like mine the best.

Jan 1
Congratulations on your first run! You did great in the New Year's Day Virtual Race. Here's your medal... hopefully your first of many. Happy New Year!

Jan 2
Conversation I overheard earlier today:
Toa of Boy: I'm winning!
The Jedi: Really? What's the context?
Toa: Try to make Daddy not move.
Toa: Noo--ooo! Whooaaa!
Jedi: How's it going now?

Jan 3
wii fit says 2.801 miles in 30 minutes. I'm going to have a hard time giving up the tramp and hitting the pavement and the cold cold air. Plus, I like my virtual numbers. I'm sure my real numbers won't be nearly so encouraging.

Jan 4
‎3.364 If I geet a pair of running shoes this week, I want to go to Winton Woods and try the Harbor Loop Trail. I want to know how the Wii numbers will relate to actual numbers.

Jan 4
Sometimes I wonder if my left hand gets jealous of my right hand, cause my right hand gets to do so much more. Then I wonder if my right hand gets jealous of my left hand, cause my right hand has to do so much more.
---And both of them get jealous of your tongue because it gets to taste chocolate!!

Jan 5
A) 2.833 mi today. Strange, I feel like I pushed myself more yesterday. B) I like clikcking the "like" on others' status updates. C)Just finished watching "Expelled." Very well done.

Jan 5
Toa of Boy quote of the day: "That (referring to a story he was relating) makes Daddy 15% silly. I'm adding it up."

Jan 6
Kitchen tip for the day: If one forgets to mix the dry ingrediants into the wet ingrediants, one's pancake batter will be pretty runny.

Jan 6
Today is on the running schedule as "rest or cross-train". I think given those parameters, Zelda Wii counts baby.

Jan 6
One word game, cause I'm bored. Here it goes. Each person who replies can only add one word to the sentence(s). It should make some sense. Sweetling and I will start it. (we'll put an astrik in front of her word to keep it separate from mine.) First word--


Jan 7
3.489 thi morning. See, playing Zelda did improve my running. Toa of Boy racked up 4.140 mi in 30 minutes on the wii fit yesterday. He announced his numbers and called, "Beat THAT, Mommy!"

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