Saturday, January 29, 2011

Facebook Friday...on Saturday (again)

And again, don't bother reading this if you already follow me on Facebook.

Jan 8
I'm feeling singularly unmotivated to run on a trampoline this morning.

Jan 9
Toa of Boy used his half of an Amazon Christmas gift certificate to buy "Worms: BAttle Island" for the wii. This afternoon he made his first custom weapon and named it "dead ray". Peace on earth indeed.

Jan 10
3.565 today. Things I have learned 1) I just need to suck it up and run on saturday, no matter how lazy I feel. 2)Eswin stands secure in his family distance record. 3)My status updates were more enterntaining before I stated running.

Jan 10
Does anyone know if Jungle Jim's sells ostrich eggs?
--Yay! So far our African menu has ostrich egg omelet, meat on a stick, samusas (ground beef pockets), luku (chicken and hard-boiled egges in a tomato base sauce), and sweet balls (like donut holes). No, we aren't going to make this all at one sitting, but spread out over the next two weeks. Assuming that there is a time when the road are clear so I can go get the groceries we'd need for it.

Jan 10
I'm not really sure why cleaning up a bedroom and getting jammies on should involve battle noises and combat sound effects, but it still got done in a timely fashion, I'm not going to worry about it.

Jan 11
Check out what's for lunch today. I'm using colby jack instead of cheddar and velveeta, cause I need to use up some of this cubed colby jack.

Jan 11
I'm snuggled under a penguin blanket and I'm not coming out till bedtime!

Jan 12
It's 12:30 and we are all still in our jammies. Also, my little boy seems to think its lunchtime. Huh

Jan 13
We left meijer this afternoon and I happened to look down and notice that Toa of Boy was wearing one brown boot (his grandma's) and one black boot ( which turned out to be his sister's). Where were Toa's boots? In Sweetling's closet, of course.

Jan 14
Going to the Jungle. :)

Jan 15
Sweetling and I ate dragon eyes at Jungle Jim's yesterday. I'm still waiting for my new special abilities to kick in.
--dragon eyes are a fruit, about the size of a grape, with a hard outer shell. you peel off the shell, and are left with a squishy grey juicy thing, a little like an unpeeled grape, with a large black pit in the center of it. I found it a little less sweet than a grape, and not worth the effort of extracting it from its shell. Susan found it, and I quote, "disgusting" because of its color, texture, and general aptness of the name.

Jan 16
L-A-Z-Y spells LAZY

Jan 16
"I'm going to sleep now, Hazel-rah, and Frith help you if you say I'm not." --Bigwig from Watership Down by Richard Adams.

Jan 17
SmoQ doesn't have a combo platter. That's OK, we solved that by ordering FIVE entrees for 2 adults and 2 children.

Jan 18
Haven't read the last couple chapters of our Beth Moore book BUT I do have a cup of hot chocolate Bible study I shall go!

Jan 18
Can someone please tell me how it is I can go into walmart to get TWO things, and walk out with $60 cart of stuff?

Jan 18
Last night, I solved a medium sudoku in about 30-40 minutes. Today, I've been spinning my wheels on one puzzle. I have 11 number solved, about 40 unsolved, and I'm wondering why I ever thought this counted as "fun".
--HA HA! I did it. I can now go to bed and rest easy, knowing I have defeated another sudoku.

Jan 20
4.048 this morning. I called Toa of Boy in so that he could see how close I came to his record of 4.140. Toa's response, "Not close*enough*, Mommy."

Jan 21
4.215 Beat THAT, Toa :)

Jan 21
Dear Cincinnati drivers, please do not stop halfway up a snow and ice covered hill. It took me an hour and 45 minutes round trip to take Mom to work this morning in Blue Ash. AND I get to to it again this evening. Joy.

Jan 21
I shall have to paint my fingernails before church on Sunday in order to disquise what a terrible 'bruised' color I have just dyed them

Jan 22
The top of my toaster oven is just slightly convex. I'm sure it was designed this way to make it impractical for the consumer to store items on top of it. What the level-headed engineers failed to understand was that tired clutter freaks such as myself don't really care about practicality when desperately searching for a spot to stash a dirty casserole dish when the sink, dishwasher and stove top are already full.

Jan 24
stuck at waiting for the van to be done and I forgot my soduko book :(

Jan 25
I've noticed that Window's Office has completely hidden the "help" menu in their applications. Granted, it was only dubiously helpful before, but now its completely hidden

Jan 27
Our school day has been interrupted because the large number of plush students are having difficulty settling down and focussing. They are, in fact, currently debating who can "count to purple backwards."
--Ah the joys of active children. Last night during homework time dd had to set up the dining room like a classroom; complete with a white board to write on. And we had to go through all of her assignments like she was the teacher.
--I can count to purple backwards. 635nm, 615nm, 580nm, 535nm, 488nm, 463nm, 415nm. That would be the wavelengths of red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, and purple (as seen in any rainbow).

Jan 27
Here are my options for this evening--1)blog about homemade gift exchanges 2)fold laundry and watch extreme makeover home edition. Decisions....decisions....

Jan 27
Every year I lose a pair or two of stretch gloves somewhere in my house. Where do they all go?

Jan 28
4.676 WOOT!

Jan 28
has anyone made soda bread from scratch? I want some homemade bread to go with dinner tonight and I'm out of yeast.

Jan 28
It has been determined that Irish soda bread might be an acquired taste.

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