Friday, July 01, 2011

Sweetling's Homeschooling Goals

Edward Bear is here to supervise and to keep me in line during this process. (No, I have been corrected. He is just here because he is Sweetling's Edward Bear.)

Overall goals:
"To do good in school and to learn Spanish."

"To read good books. I don't think you can really apply standards to an subjective measurement," says the Sweetling when I asked to to qualify the use of the term 'good.'

  • an interesting plot
  • interesting characters
  • character development
Language and Writing:
"To complete National Novel Writing Month. Preferably to complete it, but I think if I at least get decent progress in it I'll be happy."

Language, Other:
"I'd like to learn Spanish and ASL."

"Math, groan." [Interjects the Mommy, last year our goal was to have fun with math again.] "Yes," says Sweetling, "I think we still need to work on that. Do we still have that book we looked at last year? The one with the unicorns on Saturn?" [yes, we do. Its a geometry text that I was planning to order since she seemed to enjoy it.]

"I'd like to do something interactive."

History, Geography, Social Studies:
"Aren't we doing history together? The History of U.S by Joy Hakim. I think a list of possible projects to pick from would work well." [suggestions include: manga comic strip of history, library books, videos,  designing her own power point presentations, using publisher to make the front page of a newspaper for a particular date]

"Manga. I like that style of drawing."

"I'd like to stick with the musical classes I'm taking at co-op."

"I'm fine with what we've got." [Curriculum of the overview of the Old Testament.]

Health, Home Ec, Life Skills:
undecided. I shall resist adding my mommy comments.

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