Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Cincinnati Dayscapes: Miami Whitewater Forest

We had predetermined that no school would be done on February 29th. After all, a Leap Year Day only comes once every four years. Surely such a special day deserved its own observance!

Originally, the plan was to drive up to the Boonshoft Discovery Museum in Dayton. But, due to an unforeseen delay in our morning, that plan had to be scrapped. And, since the day was so beautiful, it was decided that an afternoon at a park was in order.

Our park of choice for an excursion was Miami Whitewater Forest. We picked this park for three reasons:

  1. It had a great playground. (Toa of Boy's stipulation.)
  2. It had some beautiful scenery. (Sweetling's stipulation.)
  3. It was within a 30 minute drive. (My stipulation.)
Behold the playground:

....complete with stuff to climb in....

....a small zip line....

....a giant boat shapped teeter totter....

...and a big plastic climbing rock.

Behold the scenery:

Scenery is best viewed from a swing of course.

The sky was also quite lovely.

We took a short walk along the lakeshore and in general enjoyed the day.

We enjoyed the day so much, that I suggested throwing in the towel for school for the year and just skipping straight to summer break. Sweetling, as usual, was the voice of reason who reminded me of all the reasons that this would not be a good idea.

Still, it was a lovely afternoon.

Miami Whitewater also has several great trails. The ground was quite wet, so I was all in favor of a fantastically muddy hike through the woods to search for various animal tracks. Even Toa of Boy thought this would be a bit much, since we hadn't brought our mud shoes. (Yes, we keep a separate pair of mud shoes, because some of our outings are a bit grimy.)

We're looking forward to going back a bit later in the spring, with our mud shoes, to go hiking.

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