Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up: Craters, Chickens, and Tin-Foil

You know those graphics that are hot on Facebook right now, the ones that name a profession or hobby and have six photos---'what my friends think I do', 'what the public thinks I do,' etc--those ones? The ones that always conclude with 'what I actually do'?

Here's my "What I actually do" photo for the week:

This was, of course, a spelling lesson. I mean, really, isn't that obvious?

A few minutes before the spelling lesson reached this photo worthy state, the lesson included me running from the kitchen to the living room yelling, "I've got the Squeaker! I've got the Squeaker!" while Toa of Boy was chasing after me, trying to retrieve the round furry plush toy I was victoriously waving over my head.

That's not an atypical instance for us. I don't know how we transitioned from steal the Squeaker (who's real name is Speedy, thank you), to Toa of Boy and Mama (not me, my mother) wearing aluminum foil hats, but there you go.

Spelling got finished. (So did grammar, despite that last sentence.) It just had a few diversions along the way.

For the sake of my dignity, I briefly considered claiming that Toa of Boy's learning style is best activated when a few spurts of excitement and physical activity punctuate the school day. I would say that, but here's a Facebook post about Sweetling's geometry lesson from earlier in the week:

Today's geometry lesson ended with Mommy standing on the kitchen table doing a shake your bootie dance while Sweetling, though fits of laughter, kept exclaiming, "Don't draw dinosaurs on the ceiling! Do NOT draw dinosaurs on the ceiling!"

I am forced to conclude the common denominator is me.

Other fun stuff for the week--

We continue to love our new Apologia Exploring Creation through Astronomy book. It's chock full of hands-on projects about the solar system. We like hands-on.

Here's Toa of Boy making craters. The pan is full of a half inch or more of flour, dusted with a layer of cocoa. Pebbles of assorted sizes are dropped from above to resemble the formation of craters.

Yes, it got a little messy. All good school projects do. Toa of Boy cleaned it all up on his own.

And, because I don't think I've officially put this on my blog yet, Sweetling is officially a black belt in Tae Kwon Do.

She tested for her black belt at the end of January. She broke all her boards on the first try. Crack, crack, crack, crack, crack. We celebrated by going out for grilled cheese donuts at Tom & Chee. (Sweetling's pick.) The Jedi had pre-ordered a black t-shirt for her which read, "Warning: Shirt comes with a matching belt." She proudly wore it to co-op the Monday after testing. She had to wait a couple weeks for the actual black belt to arrive at the dojo, since they come custom embroidered with the pupil's name in both English and Korean. (Her name is blocked out here for privacy.)

Toa of Boy is due to test for his high blue belt soon as well. In the mean time, here's a photographic portrayal of why Toa of Boy loves our Tae Kwon Do school.

This is self defense training of course.

Last, but certainly not least, I bring you....



Because that's how our homeschool rolls.

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