Monday, June 25, 2012

Dear Organization Guru....

I'm considering a career in arson. I think that might be the quickest, easiest way to get my house cleaned out and organized.

School starts in three weeks. I have a filing cabinet full of paperwork....90% of which I don't need...but 10% of which I do need. For the sake of the 10%, I'm stuck with going through the rest of the 90%.

School starts in three weeks. I have yet to assemble portfolios for each of my children so that we can submit them for an academic assessment, which I need to have completed to mail my letter of intent for this coming school year. This is further complicated by the fact that I have no camera, and the computer scanner and I aren't on speaking terms. Last year, I did their portfolios on my blog, mailed our assessor a link to the blog posts, and everyone was happy. I'd like to do that again this year, but the no camera portion is making this difficult. What I need to do is assemble their portfolios, write up the description, and then get the Jedi to scan some images for me. This requires more pre-thought than I usually do.

School starts in three weeks. Last years school books are still occupying the space on the school shelves. I'd love to take them off and put them away....but I have no away place to put them.

School starts in three weeks. I was going to get several closets and craft corners cleaned out, sorted, and organized during the summer. I got as far as the gaming bookshelf. I cleared off two desk surfaces, but now they are both covered again, because there is no away place to put stuff.

School starts in three weeks. Toa of Boy's closet is a disaster that literally avalanches all over his room every other day. I don't know how to fix these.

School starts in three weeks. But arson only takes a few minutes.

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Impossible Mom said...

A whole post just for me!

We can do it, Promise!