Friday, June 22, 2012

Facebook Friday

I have a list of stuff that I need to do this afternoon, and none of it sounds fun or interesting. I thought that there must be a word to describe this situation, and then I remembered, oh's called "work".

The last homeschool day of the year was brought to a close with a sneak super soaker attack!!!

I dislike measuring out shortening. So, I gave the job to Toa of Boy instead....thinking that this would let me avoid a shortening mess. Um, yeah.

I just STEPPED on Toa's fish. One of those smooth moves that puts one in the running for worst mother of the year award. :(

Making birthday pinatas today. Toa of Boy wants a fish pinata. Great! No problem! Sweetling wants a lazer tag gun. Really?

Second layer going on the pinatas right now.

Quarter till 9 at night. I am literally waiting for some paint to dry. Then I'm covering two pinatas with fringed crepe paper.

What I should be doing: Baking and decorating 24 to 30 puffle cupcakes.
What I'm really doing: Wondering how difficult it would be to turn the old sand box into a frog pond.
The moral of the story: Homeschooling friends shouldn't share their tadpoles with other homeschooling friends.

And now the rest of the morning's to-do list goes like this: dishes, cupcakes, pinata, lunch. Sadly, it does not quite fit the meter of the Dora the Explorer chant.
......>>I don't kind of fits the meter as I run it through my head! Dishes, cupcakes, pinata, lunch...dishes cupcakes pinata lunch...d-d-d-d-d-dora, d-d-d-d-d-dora

Thirty-three Puffle cupcakes boxed up and ready to go!

How fun was the birthday party? It was five shaving cream cans worth of fun :)

Conversations I just don't understand--
Me: Go brush your teeth.
Toa of Boy: Awwww...Do I have to?
Me: Yes.
Toa: Awwwww.....
Really? This isn't a new or unusual requirement

Turned down the blankets tonight to tuck Toa into bed and discovered a lego man graveyard. Clearly, a great battle had taken place there

Dear Wii Fit,
Before you get all snotty about how many *months* it has been since I used you, I would like to remind you that your cute little balance board lives within mere feet of a second story window.
Thank you, that is all.

Dear Wii Fit Balance Board,
I'm so sorry. I didn't really mean it. Please come out from wherever you are hiding.

Tonight's conversation:
Me: Ok, time for bed.
Toa of Boy: Awwww.....I wish I was a dragon. Then I wouldn't have to go to bed.

Guess what I'm doing at quarter till midnight on a weeknight? If you guessed making another pinata, you'd be right!

This morning's conversation:
Toa of Boy: So, what's your craft at babysitting today?
Me: We're making suncatchers and blowing bubbles. Fun summertime things.
Toa (excited): ooooooo! What's a suncatcher??
Me: It's just something pretty and colorful that you hang in a window to let light shine through it.
Toa (disappointed): Oh, I thought it might be something that would trap the sun and destroy the world.
Me: No, it's not that.

Pre-seven this morning found me outside in the pouring rain, huddled under a gulf umbrella, scooping water out of the frog tank because both their large rocks were completely submerged and I didn't want them to drown!

T minus 11:50 until my niece's birthday party, and I *just* finished the pinata!

i am a google map addict. I practically can't go anywhere without first printing out a google map!

A final farewell to our sweet amphibian friends. You go on to a fuller life in your natural habitat, but you leave behind a nine year old boy who will miss you dearly.
.....>>Dear skinny lady, we, the native amphibians want to thank you for sending bob, kevin and tammy back to live among us, however, they now seem to expect people to hold umbrellas over them on rainy days and they think food just drops to them from the skies. they are creating a terrible new religion based upon these outlandish ideas and supplanting our true gods. You have ruined our world forever.

Snack time for me---bring on the nutella!

A successful boys' playdate ends with the quote, "Do not get blood all over her bathroom."

This morning's conversation--
Toa: Do I *have* to sort my laundry?
Me: Do you want clean clothes?
Toa: Um.....
Me: Do you want to go naked to camp?
Toa: Um......
Sweetling: Just go sort your laundry.

One of the many reasons I love my family: we can have a debate in the van over whether the Tardis should count as an animal, vegetable, or mineral for a game a 20 questions.

I snuck in two goodbye kisses while we were standing in the line to sign Toa in for camp. He made a face at me both times, but none of his friends were around to see, so I think I didn't violate any serious Mommy-behavior rules. ;)

What I have learned tonight: deleting large blocks of emails absolutely must be done with "pa-chow" sound effects.

How is it that *decades* after we put a man on the moon, we still don't have house-cleaning robots? Clearly, this is an inexcusable oversight in our technological development.

Two hours till I leave to pick up my boy. Not that I'm an anxious mommy counting down the time....oh wait, yes, yes I am!

some unnamed person left her clothes on the floor of the bathroom after her shower. I think the only reasonable response is to send me, um...her, strait to bed for the afternoon. that's justice, right?

This morning's shout out goes to our wonderful neighbors who were kind enough to give us some 500 piece puzzles a while back. I keep them in my game closet for times like last night. At 12:30 in the morning, Toa of Boy is standing at the side of my bed, because he can't sleep. I got up, assessed the situation (not sick, not scared, not sad) and let him pick out a puzzle to work on the kitchen table. After he was all set up, I went back to bed. He stayed up for another hour, then went to sleep on the couch. Happy, easy solution for all :)

Hmmmm....fold laundry OR create a penguin scavenger hunt? Decisions, decisions.

I took all the drawers and shelves out of my fridge and gave everything a good washing. the fridge hasnt' been this clean since it came home. Now, anyone wanna lay odds on whether or not I can get the drawers and shelves back *in* the fridge?

Somewhere in America, people find loose change when dusting. In my house, I find five legos, a bionicle mask, a nerf gun bullet (though we don't own a nerf gun), Rory the Beetle, a planet Mars bouncy ball, Haruhi's plastic stand, a 1970's fisher price person, a Canadian penny, and one thin dime.

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