Thursday, February 07, 2013

Sweetling's First Dance

I will have everyone know that I have permission to post a few photos of Sweetling at her first formal dance. When one lives with a black belt, obtaining permission before posting pictures is always wise.

After my fail attempt at putting Sweetling's hair up the week before the dance, we phoned a friend for help. Look how awesome it turned out...

She had a cute little bun on the other side too.

She and friends gathered to get ready together, though I have to confess that we caused a good friend to be late to the gathering :(

Still, they all got ready in time and looked wonderful.

And, as a Mommy, it's my job to post a couple more pictures of my girl's dress.

There were lots and lots of pictures that two of the mom's very, very kindly burned onto two CDs for each parent. But I'll restrain myself to posting two of my favorite group shots.

And my favorite candid shot of Sweetling...


Mango said...

I love that candid one too, I shot it as soon as I saw her over there, and to me it is so very Sweetling. I love your girl!

Anonymous said...

I looks like she had a great time! You did well with the her hair.