Sunday, May 26, 2013

Trip Planning: Colonial Williamsburg

We are spending the second day of our trip in Colonial Williamsburg. I know one day isn't enough to see and experience everything there....but it's one day better than no days! So, a day it is!

I pulled up the calendar of events for the days that we'll be there, and I'm going to have each child pick two events which they'd like to see, and have each adult pick one event. Then we'll try to plan our ramblings through town around those events. Here's a printable map.

For my event, I'm picking....

nothing specific! (shocker, I know....) I really want to watch the short little dramas that play throughout the day at various places in the city. There are three in particular that seem cool, and they all run from 4pm to 5pm
  • 4-4:10 Capital Green South --The American turncoat, now British Brig. Gen. Benedict Arnold, seizes Williamsburg. Redcoats raise the British flag over the Capitol and announce the rules of occupation.
  • 4:40-4:45 Raleigh Tavern Steps--It's late September of 1781. The Allied American Army has been gathering in Williamsburg, eager to engage the British. As the time to march grows near, the general addresses the citizens concerning the impending battle at Yorktown. 
  • 4:50-5:10 Market Square North (behind Courthouse)-- September 28, 1781--Local militia, with fife and drum fanfare and cannon salutes, march in review while the general addresses the citizens of Williamsburg in preparation for the siege of Yorktown.
Toa of Boy isn't interested in the dramatizations. Toa just wants things he can *do*. So Toa picks the following locations to visit, which are come and go--
The observant reader will notice I've already violated my two picks per child, on per adult guideline. Very good, observant reader. 

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