Sunday, June 16, 2013

To Philly....through Canton

Day One (Sunday, May 26th)

We left Cincinnati late in the morning. Very late in the morning. 11:17 worth of late in the morning. contrast that with our California trip a couple of years ago where we managed to pull out of the driveway at 6:18 a.m.

This trip is not going to be the clockwork ballet that the California trip was.

Our late departure caused us to scrap our first intended lunch stop (Holy Smoke in Columbus). Instead we grabbed Wendy s through a drive-thru and ate in the car.

Not a nice trade, my precious. Not a nice trade at all.

Once in Canton, we realized we had little to complain about. The Jedi's sister and nephew had just flown in from California, and had been in airports or on planes for some nightmarish number of hours and hadn't eaten in over 12 hours.

We all went to Friendly's.

The Dungeon Lord and his family joined us and, after dinner, the Dungeon Lord and the Jedi polished off a crowd pleaser with ease.

The Dungeon Lord and his family are now renting Nana's house. We headed over there after dinner. That was difficult for the Jedi, though the Dungeon Lord had done a wonderful job of renovating the old house.

When the Jedi was in high school and in college, he and his friends had gathered round the table in the kitchen extension to play D&D. For at least part of that time, his toddler nephew would sit in Uncle Jedi's lap and roll dice. Now that the nephew is all grown up and has done three tours of duty in Afghanistan (where he and other service men would play rpgs when the power went out and it was 120 degrees), the Jedi thought it would be cool to invite Nephew to join to join us for a game in the old place. I volunteered to run a Pathfinder module, so that the Jedi, the Nephew, and the Dungeon Lord could all play through the adventure together. Sweetling decided she wanted to join the game as well. We stayed up way too late, we had a great time, and a hat of disguise was used extremely creatively to achieve the party's objective with minimal bloodshed.  

Day Two (Monday, Memorial Day, May 27th)

Jedi's Sister and Nephew joined us at the cemetery to decorate Bapa's grave.

I had picked up and brought 48 small flags along. Last year, our family had found an older, minimally maintained cemetery in our area. We took some hand trowels and small grass shears and flags and found, cleared off, and decorated the graves of veterans. However, the cemetery Nana and Bapa are in was well kept and flags had already been placed to mark the veterans' graves.

After hugs and farewells to Sister and Nephew, our family stayed and walked through the cemetery to look for any veterans' graves that might have been missed. Sweetling and Toa of Boy each took a handful of flags and fanned out on their own. They each found a few graves to decorate. Toa of Boy also found a rabbit home and brought me over to view his discovery. We decided that a cemetery would be a great place for a rabbit to live.

We left the cemetery just a little before lunch and picked up Pizza Oven to take to Mama M's house. We stayed and had a pleasant visit over there for a while.

My brother and his family had come down with a stomach bug, so our trip to drive out to visit their home in East Nowhere got cancelled and we had the afternoon and evening free. We took a nap at the hotel and then drove around and found a mini golf course. The facility actually had three levels of courses and we chose the "Just for Fun" course. Toa of Boy got two holes--in-one! His first ever! The Jedi and I each had a couple ourselves. Sweetling did amazingly well....but her ball hopped over the hole, and she was "robbed" from claiming a hole-in-one. Apparently I went into a temporary brain coma and forgot to grab any pictures of the course. Not even one of the ball eating giraffe. (I grabbed this one from the ProPutt website).

We picked up Chinese for dinner, took it back to our room, and watched Rat Race.

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