Sunday, June 16, 2013

Philly Trip: Day 3...... Waves of Fun

Tuesday, May 28th

This morning we managed to roll out of the hotel room at 9:19. Still not fabulous time, but there were extenuating circumstances that I'm not going to elaborate on here. In Canton, the sky was overcast and the temperature was a cool 63.  The forecast called for rain all the way through West Virginia.

This did not bode well for our intended recreational "layover".

Fortunately the skies were mostly clear by lunchtime. We sopped at Ridgeview BBQ, because it had made some bbq book. The ribs were cooked to what the general public (those rubes) tends to prefer....fall off the bone tender. Sadly, even I found them to be over done, and I like my ribs a little too cooked by KCBS standards.

Our lunchtime disappointment aside, the most important feature of the day was still on our travel menu....Waves of Fun Waterpark in Hurricane, West Virginia.

THAT was a huge success!

It generated my favorite quote of the trip to-date....

"I've been pantsed by a pool!"

Admission was extremely reasonable. The grounds were spacious and well kept. Fun 80s music played over the loud speakers. (Sweetling called the music "retro", but as her loving mother, I shall forgive her applying that adjective to the tunes of my teenage years). The water slides had little to no lines and were super fun, and the giant wave pool sent lots of varieties of waves through the water on frequent regular intervals.

We purposefully left the camera in the car so that we could all enjoy the pool. But I grabbed a couple of pictures of the park, and right before we left, the Jedi went out to the car and brought the camera in to make one video of the waves. He caught the tail end of a wave cycle, and the kids and I were starting to wear down, so we had moved to a gentle section of the wave pool. (The biggest of the waves knocked the Jedi off his feet). 

We were there for three hours, though we could have easily stayed for five to six hours and not grown bored. As it was, we left at 6pm with a lot of driving still ahead of us.

At my request, we stopped a little chain restaurant called "Biscuit House" for dinner. I don't know where in West Virginia we were, but I had seen a couple signs for them at various exits. I knew we were in the right place, when we pulled into the parking lot and the back of the restaurant had a small dumpster labelled "Used Cooking Oil".  I got a "Mountaineer" biscuit sandwich while Toa got the "Mary B" and the Jedi got a "Herd". I should have got a side of grits. Sweetling and Eswin each got a side bowl of fried apples. The biscuits were big and hot and flaky and delicious. Everyone enjoyed their dinner.

In the last minute, unplanned scramble that this was, I had neglected to grab a module or prep any materials for a solo game for the Jedi. In the car earlier, I had sent a frantic email to Christopher Robin, and she emailed me a module. I saved the pdf to my phone, and was able to run an adventure for the Jedi in the hours between West VA and Colonial Williamsburg.

I have no idea what time it was when we arrived at the hotel.

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