Saturday, October 05, 2013

Boy Sleepover

Toa of Boy had three good friends spend the night. I love posting quotes and snippets about their time together. I'm that sort of mom.

Dinner was pork chops and baked potatoes, because Toa of Boy wanted a Minecraft dinner. During dinner one of the guests shared a list of bugs he had eaten, including three live flies whom, he said, he was certain he could feel crawling around in his belly. After dinner he gave me his tried and true recipe for roasting crickets. You catch the crickets and put them in the freezer to put them in a coma. Meanwhile, line a baking tray with aluminum foil. Remove crickets from freezer and pull their legs and wings off. Place them on the baking tray and bake....though he wasn't sure the exact times and temperatures but assured me that I could find the directions online. (Because you all know that roasted crickets is just moving right to the top of my menu plan. Not.)

Then, while the Jedi set up a Minecraft lan party in the basement, the boys played bull fighting up and down the hallway. They took turns being the bull and the matador. Casualties befell both man and beast. Minecraft was played until bedtime, with two breaks for grapes and popcorn and later for cake and ice cream.

Breakfast this morning was bacon omelets and cinnamon rolls. My house now smells like bacon and boy sweat.

Currently they are playing "divorce mode" on one of the Wii Mario Bros games. I can't keep track of all the titles. I'm super impressed with the fact that there is virtually no arguing going on while they are playing.

Here are my favorite quotes from the morning and evening--

"No one fall into the creeper pit. Its full of zombies, so now it's a death pit."

"Yeah but, I had to hit you."

"I shot you through the skull, so you are dead."

"Superman is wimpy."

"Let's play a game. The first person to talk looses." Followed quickly by, "I hate that game."

"That was delicious. Too bad it's gone now."

"I'm hungry."

"Can we have chocolate cake for dinner and pork chops for dessert?"

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