Friday, September 04, 2015

NW Day Eight: Seattle at Last!

Nearly every day, usually multiple times a day, Boybot asks me how many more days until we reach Seattle, where his Tia lives. And finally, finally, finally we are here.

My day started at 6 a.m., with laundry. The kids slept in, but the Jedi is a light sleeper, and though I tried to be quiet, he was up before 7. Around 8, the Jedi left to get the oil in the van changed, and I got the kids up to get dressed and help fold all the clean laundry. They also packed their overnight bags, for not one, but TWO nights of sleeping over at Tia’s house.

I don’t know what time it was when we finally climbed on the light rail to head to downtown Seattle. We did have one frightening moment where we were nearly Meep-less in Seattle, but we quickly headed back and recovered Meep.

The conversation about that, as we were walking to the light rail station, went like this…

Sweetling, “Meep!”

Me (answering), “Meep.”

Sweetling (more emphatically), “MEEP!!”

Me (singing), “Meep meep meep meep meep---“

Sweetling, “NO!!! I don’t have Meep!”

But in the end, Meep was secured, and we were all on the train.

Tia, wisely, met as at the station. She called down to us from some overhead walkway, and both children yelled and took off running towards the escalator. 

The first stop was her apartment to drop off overnight bags, and to take a picture to show Mama that we were in Seattle at Tia’s apartment. 

We walked into Pike’s Place Market to grab donuts and lunch (hom bow), in that order.

From there we hopped on the monorail and headed to Seattle center. 

We were hoping at the afternoon sun would burn away the clouds on the horizon and reveal the mountains before we headed up in the Space Needle, so we went to the EMP museum first.

We spent THREE hours there, and only managed to see four exhibit halls, it was THAT COOL.

From sci fi movie props like Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber and the hoverboards from back to the future

to the fun fantasy room with its original props and costumes

and the super amazing display of ORIGINAL Star Wars costumes

 Darth Vader got his own room.

AND an entire room of Indie video games (Indie for Independent) Torture is being made to stand still for a photo in a room FULL of video games just waiting to be played.

It was a geek family paradise.

There were still a lot of clouds surrounding the city, so for now, we settled for a picture of Meep with the Space Needle. (Meep, by the way, was hand made specifically for this moment.)

The Jedi took me to Chihuly Garden and Glass, which was just room after room of beauty….

While Tia took the kids to get smoothies, caramel corn, and to hang out at the fountain.

(Apparently, also, many photos of Meep in Seattle were taken.)

We, true to form, picked up our dessert before dinner (cupcakes and ice cream from Cupcake Royale)….though this time we at least took dessert back to the apartment for consumption after dinner.

And Tia and her programmer husband treated us to dinner at Chan’s, which was a Korean restaurant with family style dining. Again, I don’t remember the names of the dishes, but they were delicious.

Back at the apartment, some of us took dessert down to the sunset deck to eat and hang out. (Some of us were stuffed from dinner, and just came along for the company and the photo ops.)

Then hugs and kisses were given, and the Jedi and I took the light rail back to our hotel.

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