Friday, September 04, 2015

NW Day Nine: Sick Day

Sadly, on the light rail on the way back to the hotel last night, the Jedi started feeling poorly. We had to get off the train twice to let his stomach settle before we could get back on another train. I offered to go ride the train alone, go get the van, and come back for him, but the Jedi would have none of that. Still, it was a long, miserable ride for him.

I’ll spare you the biological details of how the night went for him, but it was not pretty on a GI scale

So, our just-the-two-of-us adventure to Olympic National Park has turned into a day of resting, sleeping, and blogging for us. But, while there is never a good time for a GI bug, this is the best possible day for it to have hit. Far better now, when we don’t have to drive anywhere and can just hole up in a hotel room for a day, than say in the middle of the endless road of Montana.

Thankfully, the kids are with Tia. She says they were both asleep by 10, that’s how tired they were. And they both slept till after eight. Sweetling was still feeling exhausted, so Tia made some oatmeal for her, and then took Boybot out to breakfast. Sweelting had more downtime through the morning, while Tia took Boybot to the pool.

Since then, I’ve gotten some texts from Tia. Sweetling is apparently recovered and they went on an excursion to a fun hat store. I got some great photos texted to me, but you know I don’t know how to save them properly to be able to share them here.

The Jedi has pretty much slept all day. I’ve offered to try to track down soda crackers or jello cups for him, but he isn’t interested in that. 

I spent the day blogging and sifting through photos. When the Jedi wakes up, I’ll spend the evening repacking all the clothing bins for the next leg of our trip.

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