Saturday, December 08, 2007

Its beginning to look a lot like

We take turns each year deciding how we should decorate our Christmas tree. The Jedi decided that this year it should be Little Guy's turn. Little Guy, when asked what should go on the Christmas tree, said, "Fragile things and lights and a birdhouse." (Later he added candy canes to that list). Then Berean put up a Christmas tree and covered it with Webkinz. So we start putting up our tree yesterday. Little Guy decides that our tree should also have Webkinz. Lo and behold, Christmas tree with Webkinz.

We added candy canes this afternoon. Since children would be taking Webkinz on and off the tree all month, Mommy decided it was best to skip the fragile things. The Jedi suggested my pegasus should be our tree topper this year, cause you know, wings and all. You cant see it in the pic, but there is indeed a pink pegasus serving as our tree angel this year.

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Vaya The Elf said...


Nice tree. It's really cute!

From now until you leave, when is good time to see you? I might be free this friday, hopefully, maybe this sunday.