Thursday, December 06, 2007

Nine and nightgown

Its 9:07 and I'm still in my nightgown. My children are both bundled up playing in the snow in the backyard. Little Guy cannot get enough of snow. He loves it! We got a couple of inches overnight on Tuesday. The Jedi had arranged with work that if it snowed, he wasn't coming in till 9, so that he could be home to take Little Guy out in his first snow fall. I had been assuming that Little Guy would love the snow, up until it touched him and it was cold. Little Guy went out in the snow, with Sweetling right behind him. He quickly discovered that he could make footprints, and this was very cool. Then he discovered that he could throw it. This was also cool. Sweetling proceeded to demostrate how to make and pound a little brother with a snowball. A skill which she executed with remarkable accuracy. Remarkable, hit my little brother right in the face, sort of accuracy. Little Guy stood there stunned and horrified. The Jedi came to a quick rescue and got the snow off of Little Guys face and out from down the neck of his coat. Little Guy made a swift recovery. The Jedi pulled both children around the front yard a few times in the sled, and then was off to work. We stayed out for a little longer (more snowballs were thrown, snowangels made, and big, big snowpiles full of brown leaves were scooped together by Little Guy.) Then Mommy got cold, and it was time for breakfast, so in we went.

Little Guy played in the snow outside of church on the way into wow. He played in the snow on the way out of wow. He stomped on the groundcover outside of Berean. He got out of the car and stomped around in Pinkie's front yard. We all went to Telephone's house. Telephone and I worked on a dance for Saturday and all the children (hers were off cause school districts down here are wimps) went outside to play for about an hour. Her front yard has a little hill, so more sledding was done. We had hot chocolate at Telephones and came home. Little Guy wanted to go back in the snow. We didn't, because we had to get ready for church. We went to church. More footprints were made. We came out of church. Footprints.

We woke up this morning, staggered into the school room where Mommy was reading a weeks worth of emails she hadn't had a chance to read yet. We said "wanna play in the snow Mommy?" before we were even awake enough to have our eyes fully open. Mommy, being mean like she is, made us eat at least a banana first. Then both children got bundled up and out they went. Sweetling is now standing on the edge of the snowcovered cliff that is our backyard thinking about it. Little Guy told the Jedi last night that maybe we could get a hill in our yard for Christmas, so we could go sledding all the time. The Jedi told Little Guy "good luck with that one." In the meantime, Little Guy is out there contenting himself with making snowpiles. And has found a bucket. Snow can go in buckets. Its an amazing thing. Snow in buckets can be dumped on unsuspecting sisters. This is even better. Snow is also edible, despite how many times Mommy has tried to explain that after the snow has been walked in and has laid on the ground all day, it is no longer clean.

Zero schooling has been done all week. Which isn't completely accurate. Sweetling did one morning devotion and one history lesson. Little Guy has insisted on doing calendar. And spent one evening while I was making dinner arranging his magnetic letters on the fridge in ABC order...a task which involved frequent running trips to the school room to check the alphabet on his desk to find what letter comes next. And Sweetling has been playing Quest for Glory. I'm not sure how that can count as an educational experience, but in the middle of December, it does somehow.

We took Monday off for Mommy to recover from the Children's Musical, which was wonderful. We made a go of it for an hour or so on Tuesday, then went and picked up Smurf. Wednesday was a snow holiday. Today there is no good reason for us not to be doing formal school lessons...except that its Thursday, its 9:29, Mommy is still in her nightgown and children are outside playing. There is a weeks worth of laundry that needs folded and put away...and we have tomorrow off cause Daddy's home. We will make a nod at getting a few lessons in, but in general, this week is a wash when it comes to progress on the K12 curriculum.

If its a measure of how little time we've had for seatwork, I didn't even log on to webkinz once yesterday. And I missed the dragsters in the curio shop. Boo hoo.

My life is measured by lessons completed and webkinz events. I can also sing the Super Why theme song as well as the Word Girl theme song.

And I need to come up with nearly twenty fake poinsettia flowers between now and Sunday without spending any money on them. Its only the first week of December, and I have seriously, dangerously, overspent my 'freespending' allowance. Without the Jedi's knowledge. But the good news is that my ultracool phone is NOT lost at church as I feared last night, but merely left at Telephone's house. A rescue mission before the Jedi notices its absence is in order today. And no, the Jedi doesn't read my blog, so I'm totally safe in writing this here.

But for now, I shall retrieve children from the wintery wonderland and feed them breakfast, take my shower, and start school.

There's one tree, a little one, in our backyard that still has green summer leaves all over it. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one unprepared for December.

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