Monday, December 03, 2007

Quinlan the Penguin

I have a cookie update, that I'll make as soon as pics are downloaded from the camera. (Ok, short version...we got the cookies done and delivered Saturday! Sweetling, Little Guy, and Sweetling's good friend, Pinkie were a HUGE help!)

Second update, our Christmas musical, The Mystery of the Manger, was on Sunday and it went REALLY well. Sweetling and Pinkie both had speaking parts and Little Guy was a shepherd. The Jedi was put in charge of the camera, because I was doing leading the choir's choregraphy. ( Side note, why is spelling so evil?) Anyway, I'm hoping for some pics of that to share as well.

In the meantime....I shall share screenshots of Quinlan the Penguin. I have shared his story on WI, and now I'm sharing it here. By copying and pasting my WI post of course.

First of all, my husband came home on Monday night with new Webkinz reindeer for each of our two children. He was supposed to just stop on the way home and get milk and bread. Instead, he walks in with the grocery bags, asks how everybody's day was...did they listen, how was school, etc. After listening to me talk about our day....he reaches into the grocery bags and pulls out reindeer! There was much rejoicing :)

Then, on Thursday, I walked in and found a Webkinz penguin sitting on my keyboard :) I had been not so subtly dropping hints about wanting one for Christmas for a while. My Christmas started early. Everyone gathered round to watch Mommy adopt her new penguin and decorate his room. (After I had agonized for a day picking out his name. A name which was finally found by my daughter, who got online to find cool names for me.)

THEN I thought Quinlan the Penguin's room needed some decorations. So I got on WI to look at how other winter themed rooms were decorated. I kept calling my daughter in to ask her where I could get the items I was seeing. It turns out the things I wanted were exclusive items. (A sparkle plant and an arctic window...PSI for the polar bear.) This morning my daughter told me I should log on to my account, because she had sent me a present. Let me say that I had many things to do, and we were running late for a dress rehearsal for our Christmas musical...but I hopped on because she was so very excited. AND OH MY GOODNESS! She sent me a sparkle plant AND the arctic window!!!!! She had a polar bear, and she sent me his PSI. I about cried.

I told her I couldn't take Frosty's we agreed that I would decorate my penguin's room and do a screenshot, then send it back. Well, this evening, my husband calls me downstairs to look at his computer. He bought a polar bear code, just so he could get the arctic window and send it to our we both would have our own.

Isn't that just awesome??


Vaya The Elf said...
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Chocolateer said...

Vaya the Elf said---

Aww. Thats is so nice of the Jedi and Sweetling.

If I get one a polar bear might be the one I get. Unless there new ones I don't know about now.

5:36 PM

I edited the comment to remove our real names. Names have been changed to protect the innocent and all that. Yes, yes, I *am* innocent.

Vaya The Elf said...

Forgot you did that, sorry.

Polar bears rock!

You innocent, we shall see. We shall see... *laughs*